Could each dimension of consciousness have its own laws?

I have explained this before in another blog post of mine a while back as to why we often misunderstand one another. We talk about Universal Laws often, but here is what is overlooked: There are different laws all depending on which dimension of consciousness we are living in. This is why we often misunderstand one another since we are all operating from different dimensions.

Law of Attraction? The way it is taught has never applied to me. That’s because I am not in the same dimension where it is taught. Words like fear, failure, weakness, God, love, astrology, planetary retrogrades, death, reincarnation, negativity, positivity, friendship, authenticity…. all have different meanings depending on the dimension you’re in. In some dimensions, there are emotional charges for said buzz words and in others, there is no emotional charge because words only have the power we give them. The food we eat depends on dimensions. Death: an illusion or a reality all depends on which dimension you’re living in. When it comes to pain, if you ignore it, it gets bigger in some dimensions and in others if you focus on it, it gets bigger. Gotta hold in your feelings in some dimensions just to function and in others, we have to release them. Breathing work, spiritual bypass and energy work are excellent for those who need to dissociate to cope with unbearable pain and for those in other dimensions, it will inhibit the release of emotion necessary for authenticity and deep healing. People might think some of my posts are negative (though they are neutral for me), but negativity is more about who is perceiving it. In some dimensions, you are responsible for your own feelings and vibrations.

The clash in perceptions is all about dimensions. It might explain all the misunderstandings. And there are so many dimensions living on top of one another in this physical realm. We all have to find a way to coexist and I think when we understand dimensions, it can be much easier to live together. I cannot expect people too far away from my dimension to follow the laws under which I live and you cannot expect me to operate under the laws where you live. This is important to understanding and accepting one another. No judgment, just dimensional differences.

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