The Dangers of Uncritical Belief in Popular Spiritual Teachings

I think perhaps popular spirituality can cause post traumatic distress so severe that we move to the opposite extreme of the opinions that traumatized us. I think that is how some of us might attempt to take our power back even if it’s false power. I see that happening with religion (from fundamentalism to militant atheism), I see that happening in politics, with diet, so many aspects of life. We cope with one extreme by switching to the other extreme.

I think the truth often is in the middle. For example, sometimes we are responsible for some stuff and with other stuff, we might not be. Some things might be set up in advance through soul contracts; some events are random (due to free will). Maybe some concepts are half-truths? Sometimes it’s projection, sometimes it’s not. Maybe thoughts don’t create reality but faulty belief systems can be a motivator to making poor choices that affect our realities? Maybe we are responsible for our feelings but others are responsible for their actions? I think also the truth a lot of the time is both. For example, we are all individuated separate souls yet still connected which is why we are affected by other’s energies? Maybe God (the energy of Love), maybe it exists both internally and externally as a stand-alone powerhouse?

Maybe all the laws we learn are all legitimate, but just  taught to us in ways that disempower and shame us when the truth of God’s laws are, in fact, liberating and empowering? It’s not the law that is false, it’s the teaching and it’s important to understand this difference.

I think there is a physical personality perspective and I also think there is a higher perspective the soul. These two can be in conflict with one another. This is why some spiritual concepts are true and false at the same time since we won’t always be aligned with our soul’s goals and wishes. It all depends also on where we are in our healing process as well. And most of all, I don’t think we can know it all right now and it’s important to make peace with that. I think the truths of the Universe are so great and so vast and some truths might even be way too complex for us to fully understand right now. It’s important to keep an open mind.

Many spiritual concepts are hard to put in language, so if we are not sure what the intention is, we might make an assumption that could misrepresent the original intention so it’s good to ask for the intention or the meaning. It’s good to just ask more questions. Much of the time our assumptions can be wrong.

I can relate to the post traumatic stress that predatory spirituality causes. When I was a child, I rarely got any emotional validation when I was upset. I was belittled all my life. I was told “you don’t know what real pain is” in spite of horrific abuse from age 4-14.. And now as an adult, the past is repeating itself through other’s “spirituality” I cannot tell you how many people I have had to remove or block from my FB due to me getting tired of reading borderline sociopathic language masqueraded as “enlightenment”. To this day, I still get triggered as I am reminded how little support or validation I got after after having gone through hell in my own house growing up. As a tiny being, I had to go at it all alone and it’s sucks to be reminded of that, though, I do see it as a catalyst to my growth meaning I really need to have my feelings about it so that I can move through this.

I wonder if some of us are not going through something similar? And that’s why we throw the baby out with the bathwater? We can go from one extreme by blind belief in all spiritual teachings or the other extreme and deny it all….. Blind dogmatic belief and blind denial are both two sides of the same coin. Truth can only come to us through personal experience… not by what someone else says. Let go of the need to be taught and find the answers on your own. We are all born with an internal guidance system. Authority does not exist outside ourselves and once you know this and live this, you might start to become free.


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