Our Inner Guidance System

Did you know that we are all born with a built-in inner-guidance system? The only reason we might not realize it’s there is because we have been programmed to blindly submit to authority. Authority worship was taught in school and at home from when we were impressionable little people. Now as adults, we don’t know we have such a thing as inner guidance. Our highest wisdom has been replaced with someone’s else’s hand-me-down opinions.

The reason I write is help people learn they have the power within themselves for direction, how to feel, how to heal, how to think, how to behave, who we are….. all of the answers are already there. We are all wise, equally wise.

We spend our lives looking for people greater than us because we can’t recognize our own greatness and wisdom. We often are looking for people who we perceive wiser than we are, people with status, people with a following, people with authoritarian confidence,…. and so we stay unconsciously stuck in our problems because the truth is that nobody is greater. The difference between me and any false-God, really, is status, money, titles and popularity. Ha! What does a title even mean? What does popularity even mean? What does status even mean? Do these people really have answers that we don’t already have?

We can always find people to tell us how to think, live, eat, and feel, but we never see our own inner wisdom until we let go of the need to find authority outside of ourselves. We can respect others and listen openly to their wisdom — that is normal, natural and necessary, but when we use authority outside ourselves over our own built-in guidance system, that’s not about respect anymore, that is dehumanizing others, that’s a perversion. That’s a messiah complex. And we all go through this stage be it in spirituality, religion, politics, sports, in FB groups online, within families, at school….. Hierarchical systems are everywhere. Our society is built on intellectual caste systems where greater-than / less-than paradigms are set up. We have at some point been starry-eyed and entranced by people who we thought were better and greater than we are. Even if that authority figure has saved lives, has given their money to the poor… no matter how good this person is, blind worship keeps our intuition stifled. And this might be because we still worship the very people who abused us when we were kids. We might intellectually realize what happened to us was wrong, but on another level still be worshiping, defending and protecting our abusers. This is very common and a reason why, outside of our childhood programming, adults seek power outside themselves.

We live in a world where we are suspicious of our peers but blindly trust complete strangers we know nothing about so long as they hold an authoritative position.

Once we realize our own true greatness and personal power, that’s when we become free from the self-imprisonment of dependency on the perceived authority of others.

“When we are unaware of our innate power, we seek power outside ourselves. However, such a search is destined to fail: either we fail to acquire the power that we believe to exist outside ourselves, or we successfully acquire such seeming power only to realize it is not real power.

True empowerment brings freedom, or empowerment and freedom are two sides of the same condition. You cannot be truly free while you are dependent on external power; freedom requires that you take up your own power. Only when you accept your power and its responsibilities will you be free, and your sense of freedom deepens your awareness of inner power. Be open to seeing this world with your own untainted eyes, free from conventional ideas. Think for yourself and trust your intuition. And be thrilled to step forward–this life is an adventure in the giant simulation.”

~Akemi G (from the book, “Why We Are Born | Remembering Our Purpose through the Akashic Records”)


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