Oh no! I’m not angry.

I’ve seen this all my life. Something unfortunate happens and this person is angry. I’ll say “I understand; it’s OK to be angry” and they’ll respond saying “I’m not angry” or something to that tune when clearly they are angry. They are obsessing over the event and continue to rant about it or project a kind of energy that suggests they are angry. I think this happens because with anger there is shame. We were probably not able to get angry as kids and as adults, it’s no different. Anger is a “bad” emotion and we need to suppress it. Anger is anti-spiritual and it means you are unadvanced and still dragging your knuckles on the ground. If we are honest with ourselves, we are afraid to appear vulnerable or weak or doing something wrong or even pissing off the Universe. Look at the spiritual teachers of today. Look at religion too. Feeling anger is just plain old wrong. But it’s all this conditioning on top of conditioning from childhood that actually keeps the anger and all the emotions that live inside the nucleus of that anger INSIDE the body. This means on some level, you are being ruled by it even when you don’t feel anger.

We are not here to be spiritual beings; we already are anyway. We are not here to be light bodies; we are here TO BE HUMAN and have embodied experiences that are uniquely HUMAN. You aren’t going to get anywhere on your journey unless you become human and grounded FIRST. And isn’t that what we’re all trying to avoid?

Dissociation, detachment, desensitization, emotional numbness —- all that is easy. Being Human, on the other hand is messy, sticky, gross and, well…. that’s where the challenge is. Are you ready for this challenge?

Emotions are OF THE SOUL. They aren’t just human; they are soul-sourced. When you cry, get angry, feel jealousy, feel inferior, feel rage, sadness, terror, guilt, shame, grief, helplessness, hopelessness, and powerlessness, you are operating from your SOUL SELF. That IS the REAL you in all your authenticity in that very moment of expression. When you deny feelings and emotions, you deny YOURSELF, your TRUE essence.

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