The Dark, when you can handle it, is liberating

I am reading THE MOST depressing nonfiction book right now and yet since I started reading this book, I am feeling more connected. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but every time I read it, I just feel more and more like myself. My energy is positively shifting everyday; the more I read it, the more shifts I get. What I am experiencing right now is confirming the notion that you don’t embody light until you face the dark. When you’re no longer afraid of the dark, that is when you truly begin to Live.

People say you attract what you focus on —— so not true at all. The way the Law of Attraction is represented most of the time is false. It is one of the biggest lies. The ACTUAL Law of Attraction is true, but the false one might be a man-made lie designed to keep people from facing the dark, taking the red pill, and doing shadow work to heal. People think that if they focus on their own darkness or the darkness outside themselves, that they will create it in their own lives. This lie keeps people locked and stagnant in the lower fear frequencies that makes them ripe for more unconscious mind control and programming. When you live in fear, you are highly suggestible and don’t realize it. And the more fear you attach to, the more you could be exploited and the less you’ll be likely to move past your past and become free. To move past your past, you need to go back there. This is the TRUE SECRET they DON’T tell us about. It’s the kind of secret they DON’T make a movie about.

I love the dark!!! It’s literally setting me free. I look forward to the day everyone can face it because I want everyone to feel what I am beginning to feel over here. The “positivity culture” is oppressive and taking our internal red pills is the only way out of that prison.

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