The Physical and the Emotional Work Must be Done

We can do only the physical work to heal and neglect the emotional work or we can do the emotional and neglect the physical. Doing one or the other might only take us so far. I have noticed that working with my physical body is making it a bit easier to work with my emotional... Continue Reading →

How to Affect Real Active Change in the World

If we sincerely want to see child abuse end and if we want to see better quality adults, it's starts in validating survivors' experiences and feelings as real. Validation, if sincere, helps people heal. A healed person is likely to become a productive member of society and very unlikely to create more victims.

How to Manipulate Public Opinion

The best way to get people to go atheist is to delegitimize God through fundamentalist organized religion. The best way to get people to eat on a certain diet is by manufacturing unbelievable claims and unhinged people to represent the opposition. The best way to get people to become liberal is by manufacturing an unsavory... Continue Reading →

How Knowing WHY Creates Compassion

You have to understand WHY people turn out the way they do in order to get to a point where you no longer condemn them. Condemnation is merely the result of not understanding the reason behind other's behavior. When we understand, we create a place for compassion to be born. When we understand, we can... Continue Reading →

Who is telling the truth vs who is not?

Over the years, I have developed my own measuring stick to see if someone might be genuine or not. I am more likely to give unpopular ordinary people a chance. The truth is offensive, inconvenient, unpopular, controversial, painful and what eventually liberates us. The more challenged you feel by the information, sometimes this might mean... Continue Reading →

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