The Underappreciated Difference between Death and Grief

Can’t they just be friends?

It’s really important to notice the difference between death and grief. What we call “death” is about the one who has gone back Home and grief is about those who have survived the one who has died. All that happens to us in this physical experience gives us opportunity after opportunity to feel and heal in order to grow —– and grief is no exception. If you suppress grief and the feelings around and in it, you might become stagnate. And if you suppress enough of it, later on the frozen emotions will probably manifest physically or through addictions, depression, anxiety etc…

Even though those who have left their bodies might not be in any pain, even though you realize they are in a better place, if you are capable of deep love, you might recognize that you miss being with them regardless. Them being in “a better place” does NOT matter. Even if you know that those who have crossed over are with you quite often in Spirit, it doesn’t matter —if we are capable of deep connection —– we are going to miss the old physical presence of their soul. I need to make it very clear that those who feel the depths of loss are those who are capable of DEEPLY connecting with others. You will know how intimately connected you are with a human or an animal friend by the weight of your Grief.

Grief IS Love.

Those who condemn and belittle the grieving are probably not yet capable of deep connection with others (by no fault of their own) and cannot understand why someone would miss the physicalness of another. Grief isn’t a sign of spiritual immaturity, “selfishness” or “abuse” to deceased loved ones; it’s rather the opposite. It’s because you have allowed yourself to become One with another that the “self” or the idea of “other” become impossible with true Love. Love is self-LESS-ness and I am sure your loved ones in Spirit get it too in spite of what mediums, spiritualists and psychics say. Old souls in Spirit don’t want you to be happy; they want you to be free and KNOW that in order to liberate, one must go through the grueling process of grief.

There is so much spiritual-bullying revolved around grief and I hope my message today will help others look at this topic more deeply and through a more compassionate lens. When others are grieving the loss of a loved one, they don’t need anything from you but the allowance to have their own way to grieve and their own pace to process it even if it takes an entire lifetime.

Grief also applies to the loss of yourself through trauma as well. Grief is grief. It needs to be processed.

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