Everything is Really Real

There is so much emotional and spiritual stagnancy because our culture is all about invalidating our feelings as imaginary. And it’s because of this, we have learned to invalidate ourselves. It’s also how we avoid painful memories and emotions. When everything is imaginary, a story, an illusion, a projection and a dream, we remain unconsciously bound to fear and dissociation. The operative word being “unconsciously”.

The truth is there are real negative people out there. There are a lot of people who are mean and rude and it is very very real. There are people who don’t like you. It’s very very real. If you are clairempathic like myself, you will tune right into those dark energies. If you’re picking up on them, validate it. If those emotions are overwhelming and crippling, they are not just theirs, but yours as well. If those emotions are not crippling, then you are simply picking up on their own feelings. They are REAL. Our inherent connectivity means that we all feel each other’s energies all the time. TRUST THAT. Trust everything you pick kukp on at the same time owning your own side of it, again, if those energies are controlling you.

Everything is real. Validate it all. The difference between your healing or not is contingent upon you’re acknowledgment of realness.

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