The Underappreciated Difference between Death and Grief

Can't they just be friends? It's really important to notice the difference between death and grief. What we call "death" is about the one who has gone back Home and grief is about those who have survived the one who has died. All that happens to us in this physical experience gives us opportunity after... Continue Reading →

Everything is Really Real

There is so much emotional and spiritual stagnancy because our culture is all about invalidating our feelings as imaginary. And it's because of this, we have learned to invalidate ourselves. It's also how we avoid painful memories and emotions. When everything is imaginary, a story, an illusion, a projection and a dream, we remain unconsciously... Continue Reading →

On Gratefulness

You can be going through a hell of a time, feeling all sorts of emotions and cursing the world and STILL be grateful all at once. Just because someone is going through a rough patch, does not automatically mean they aren't grateful for what they DO have. Also, you cannot teach someone to be grateful.... Continue Reading →

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