Science VS Spirituality

Disclaimer: The word “God” is mentioned here. What I mean by God is source energy made of love that permeates all life. 

There is no scientific measuring tool that we can use to prove anything exists outside our five lower senses so if you look at strict science, there is no basis for universal law, natural law, divinity, intelligence, the afterlife, reincarnation, love, near-death experiences, telepathy, perception beyond the lower five senses, intuition, spirits, ghosts, dreams, the immaterial world or spirituality. Science can only back that the world is a material one; it’s a random accident and we are all just the result of that cosmic faux pas and soon it will be over and we will be dead and nothing happens after being thrown into that black hole. Mainstream science cannot back anything other than that.

While some counterculture scientists are proving with cameras that we have a bioenergetic field outside of us, it hasn’t attracted mainstream attention and it may never in this spiritually materialistic climate.

It’s funny when we say God exists but then we need scientific proof that something else spiritual exists. Spirituality and Science should be working together, but not in this world and not at this time. Orthodox science cannot prove the immaterial so the only tools we have is being open to our own intuition and our own personal experience. Also, we bring into this incarnation knowledge from our previous lifetimes and experiences from both the physical and spirit world.

There are some things you cannot prove, but you just KNOW. And it’s OK to know things. It’s not arrogant. God is not the only truth. God is just the beginning. There are an untold, uncountable number of spiritual truths and it’s important to be open. The more experiences we have both in the physical and in spirit, the more we all will just KNOW things. ….because at some point, we will have experienced them. Perception is transient but knowledge is universal and absolute.

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