Read for Intention

Try to read for intention instead of words. I promise you, the amount of times you misunderstand others will be reduced. We are all on different dimensions and define words so differently from one another. The word empathy, love, God, judgement, acceptance, evolution, science, awake, spirit, Christmas, ….. the list is wicked long. We all define these words based on the laws of the dimension of consciousness we’re living in. There are an uncountable number of dimensions all living on top of one another on this physical plane, so it’s impossible to understand one another all the time. The only ones who will effortly get you are those in your same frequency or close to it.

In Spirit, we use telepathy. Nobody misunderstands one another in spite at all of us being at different stages of our awakening. But on Earth, we have one hell of a challenge. ;) Does this not make our human experience more interesting? How in the world can we all understand one another especially when we’re stuck in our left-brains.

In order for all of us to co-exist, we need to ask questions when we aren’t sure how someone defines words, but easier than that? Use your intuition and watch for intention. If you listen for that, you will get what they are saying. It’s ironic that so many online arguments are two or more people agreeing with each other but defining words differently. You’d probably be surprised how many agree with you but we think there is a disconnect due to how differently we define words. So, just be brave enough to ask or read for intention.

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