The Adult’s Need for Parental Guidance

People who unconsciously feel powerless in their own lives, might seek power and worship power outside themselves. They may love to obey and be agreeable to those they deem more authoritative than themselves and they may also seek to control those who they deem lesser an authority than themselves. This is one of many manifestations unhealed trauma causes where the subjects might feel they, at some point in childhood, lost their power. The unhealed are expecting authority to act a parental figure to provide security, guidance and protection they didn’t get as children. This is how childhood follows us into adulthood. As adults, we are still looking for that same security, guidance and protection. Laws are created to exploit this very fear even if it our safety is illusory. Fear will buy any story.

Having been in a cult in the past, I have learned that lost in the unhealed is the ability to discern. However, once the heart starts to heal, we may begin realizing that the only authority is within because healing gives us our power back. No longer do we need someone to tell us how to think, feel, eat and behave. No longer do we need someone outside us to tell us what reality looks like because we’ll be able to sense it for ourselves without the foggy lens from childhood. External authority has been replaced with our inner-knowing…which we all have. Leading one’s own self replaces the need to follow others. This is how we move from childhood to real adulthood. If you’re not there yet, cut yourself some slack. It’s a process and requires the grueling nose-to-the-grindstone work of healing to get there.

“Trauma shuts down expansion and development of the higher brain functions plus activates a part of the brain directly associated with obedience and compliance.” –Jason Christoff


We were born programmable and tribal. We do need each other as we are all a part of one another. But we were born to stand out — not to conform to any kind of societal mold. If we are all true to who we are, we are all weird. All of us are weird. And we all stand out uniquely from one another. If you feel alone in your weirdness, it is only because the people who surround you have yet to genuinely express who they are.

So, if you really want to break free from the Matrix, you need to wean off of authority and parent yourself; trust your own personal experiences and inner-knowing instead.

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