The Purpose of Suffering

I intuit everything has a purpose for our growth. Doesn’t mean you don’t have to think it stinks; doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be have your feelings about it. Just means our own pain has meaning to make us better people. Having said that, while my inner child might be pissed off, the adult part of me understands why I have walked this path. I share my stories not to get sympathy, but to inspire others. Healing is about honoring, understanding and expressing the feelings the inner child is harboring. This helps integrate the child self and the adult self and that might be when we become whole.

“A soul who wants to deepen in compassion in the next lifetime will plan to incarnate in a family in which he or she will be treated with a profound lack of compassion. The absence of compassion in the external environment is intended to provide both the opportunity and motivation for that person to go within and cultivate self-compassion. Invariably, the life plan then calls for the person later in life to take the compassion that has thus far been offered only to self and turn it outward in service to others. This component of service to others has been present in literally every pre-birth plan I have ever examined.” –~Robert Schwartz, author of “Your Soul’s Plan”


This is why people choose to heal when they do. We can choose to hold on to it and our addictions and distractions (yep I am guilty here here!) and remain disempowered, stuck, and dim or we can do the grueling nose-to-the-grindstone work of healing and really start living and helping others do the same.


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