The Unreliability of Personal Experience

I always say personal experience is our best way to truth. Throw dogma and orthodoxy to the wayside and only answer to yourself. Everything outside of you is usually just a racket and a barrel of monkeys. But even personal experience is tricky. It sounds romantic and easy, but to judge using personal experience as a measurement stick for truth is difficult and rarely successful. The fact that we have no reference point as to what it feels like to be healthy is part of it. If you lack acute self-awareness of your mind and body, you won’t know if something works or not, if something is harming you or not, if you are healed or not. Only the humble who can be objective and brutally honest with themselves can make acute discernments and are able to see reality without the conflation of desired results and biases.

The candy-coated lies we tell ourselves are not intentional but they are damming.

I still say, stand by your own personal experience. It is STILL worlds more reliable than giving all of your power away to someone who might think they know you better than yourself any day of the week. This journey is sacredly yours to prowl on—not anyone else’s. Making mistakes and misjudgements is part of the ride. We all grow from the lessons, eventually.

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