Nothing stunts progress more than thinking you’re already there.

Egoic people will think they are egoless.

Ignorant people are the most confident.

Those unaware of themselves will think they are self-aware.

Those who haven’t begun the healing journey will call themselves lightworkers.

Sleeping people will think they are awake.

Unhealthy people will think they are healthy.

The programmed will think they are finished deprogramming.

Those who judge people will think they are tolerant.

Insensitive people will call themselves empathetic.

Selfish people will call themselves self-less.

The unhealed will claim to be healed.

The most dogmatic will advertise themselves as being being free from dogma.

Those who dislike themselves will say they love themselves.

We might see this and resonate with it without noticing the fact that we too might embody the same human idiosyncrasy. And it is human nature to be unaware of ourselves since we might be disconnected from our shadows (the unconscious parts of self).

While some do see themselves as they are or close to it, a lot of us will see only the opposite of who we are as we confuse what we want to be with where we are right now. Also we might not want to face our own flaws because that only reminds us that we have unresolved pain and we will go out of our way not to face that. A lack of self-awareness is how we might survive from old painful memories and emotions so we remain split off from our true selves and unaware of the fragmentation within.

This is why it’s so important to heal as  when we do heal, those fragmented parts of self will get recognized, forgiven, understood, loved and integrated and that is when we become whole, self-aware, and see ourselves how we really are as opposed to how we want to be seen.

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