Looking at Bullying More Deeply

Standing up to bullies requires you to have some level of confidence in yourself, some self-knowledge that you matter and you deserve better. This might be the difference between those who fight back and those who don't. Those who don't, on some level, might believe the bullies and probably feel they deserve it. Also if... Continue Reading →

Nothing stunts progress more than thinking you’re already there.

Egoic people will think they are egoless. Ignorant people are the most confident. Those unaware of themselves will think they are self-aware. Those who haven't begun the healing journey will call themselves lightworkers. Sleeping people will think they are awake. Unhealthy people will think they are healthy. The programmed will think they are finished deprogramming.... Continue Reading →

The Unreliability of Personal Experience

I always say personal experience is our best way to truth. Throw dogma and orthodoxy to the wayside and only answer to yourself. Everything outside of you is usually just a racket and a barrel of monkeys. But even personal experience is tricky. It sounds romantic and easy, but to judge using personal experience as... Continue Reading →

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