The Happiness Trap

Spiritual gurus can be an essential part of our growth in the awakening process, but we will probably learn later on that we are your own guru.

Gurus who have a following might speak some truths (which is what wheels us in because they have candy!), but for as much candy as they give out, there may be an equal amount of deception which could derail us on our journeys. Our internal parasites love sugar and they feed off of newage fluff because it’s just another sugar. The deception in the newage movement is by design and its beneficial to our growth. Your soul might attract different gurus in each stage of your growth before becoming sovereign. Authority eventually triggers disillusionment. We need to be fooled by deception FIRST and have these experiences before we realize that we need to believe in Ourselves. Pop-spirituality (the feel good pain-relieving drug not enough people talk about), is yet another layer of programming we’ll eventually need to wake up out of.

Personal sovereignty is goal.

We have all the answers inside us. The external world works excellently as a guide and a starting place, but eventually we’re going to have to learn to think for ourselves by connecting to our own inner knowing and living from that inner knowing. The longer we are being spoon-fed by others as to how to be, how to think, how to eat and how to feel, the smaller our own voice of authority gets. And vice versa. The more we listen to our own inner wisdom, the less we need external authority and the more effortlessly we can see through all the deception out there. Parasites are not just inside our bodies but also outside our bodies too.

My newage BS detector is going off all the time. Technically, the newage feel-good fluff is just another happy pill that masks truths we have been running from our whole lives and when we are ready to face them, we no longer need to rely on feeling good because we will be able to rely on FEELing and knowing and being true. This journey is not about feeling good; it’s about being real. This is really where our true power is hidden.

Those who might feel powerless on an unconscious level will be compelled seek spiritual truths outside themselves and once we learn how incredibly powerful we all are, we move from beLIEf to knowing. Knowing ourselves.

Swinging from the branches comes later. We first have to be firmly planting in the ground and go back “there” before we can go up “there”. We cannot skip the down part.

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.”

~Carl Jung


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