Possibly The Highest State of Mind

The highest state of the mind might be a paradoxical state where you realize that everything is connected and everything is both. I can’t explain it any other way than to say that things in life might not be one or the other, not this or that, but both. Since everything is connected, even duality is. Life in this physical realm is based on a yin-yang harmonious balance. The only reason we still see the world in fragments is due to being fragmented inside ourselves. Once we integrate all parts of self through feeling our feelings (the healing journey), it is much easier to see that nothing stands on its own. Nothing is isolated. I think there is a light/dark aspect to everything. For example, a serial killer can also be the same person that saves your life. Even the frequencies and dimensions are all connected as there is a physical and nonphysical truth to every argument.

From an unhealed unintegrated perspective, we might be compelled to see things in extremes and our inner pendulum will bounce around all over the place from one fragmented extreme to the next before it finds balance and calm. That is why we might suffer at all is because we are experiencing life in a disconnected way. We all do. This is where we are right now.

When there are two polarizing opinions competing against one another on the grand stage, I wonder if the truth might be somewhere in between.

I sometimes wonder if life is all about the different shades of gray as opposed to the establishment-authorized black-and-white choice system.

Question everything. Life might not be about one or the other. Maybe it’s both? Maybe life is more complex than having to choose one of two options or teams to fight on?

In conclusion, when our own inner division, fragments, and chaos is healed, we might notice that the way we perceive our external reality will change to match the new wholeness we carry on the inside (all parts integrated).


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