Triggers could be reminding us to feel so we can heal. There are few accidents. We all come into each other’s lives to help each other grow up. The healing process all begins with a trigger (if we let it). Triggers are gifts. Emotions act like the idiot light in your car. We can either choose to block the feelings by covering up the idiot light or we can use them learn about ourselves.

It’s great to get to the bottom of our triggers instead of being the victim. Shadow work requires asking ourselves these difficult questions that give insight into ourselves. Nobody has the ability to trigger you. We trigger ourselves is why we get triggered. Yes, there are real annoying people out there, but what’s happening inside you when you are annoyed? You are probably experiencing a flashback that comes from repressed unresolved trauma. It’s all about them sometimes, but all the time it’s about you.: This list was created by Bernhard Guenther for those sincerely interested in genuine healing. Because, once you heal? You can embrace diversity and accept people for who they are instead of expecting them to be different for you.. You can’t change people, but you CAN change yourself.

Can you answer these questions?

– What do I least want others to know about me?
– What do I tend to have a disproportionate reaction to?
– What am I offended by?
– What person (someone I know or public personas) keeps triggering me?
– What qualities of mine do I often feel aversion toward?
– Which emotions do I consider to be bad or negative?
– Which emotions am I the least comfortable expressing?
– What am I most scared to openly express or share in a relationship?
– What information or topic am I uncomfortable looking into?

Can you answer these questions in your journal without toppling over? Who is ready to know themselves on a deep level? Who’s ready to take responsibility for their feelings? Who’s ready to come clean with themselves? Who’s ready for the humility to do all the above?

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