Merry Christmas Means What???

I don’t celebrate any holiday and I don’t belong to any religion, but if someone wishes me a Merry Christmas, instead of feeling victimized or persecuted, I choose to see their intention instead …which is to wish me well! Even if I were depressed and hated Christmas? If someone is taking time to wish me well on that day, that is something to feel grateful for. It means my friends care about me. If Christmas reminds me of a traumatic event or how lonely I am if I were, I wouldn’t expect someone to read my mind. If someone shows any sign that they are caring about me on that day by their Christmas wishes, I will be thankful.

When I was living in California way back when, I was doing some shopping at the drug store and on the way out I said “Hope you have a great Christmas” to the lady at the register and I saw her light up like a bulb. She was so touched by it that I walked out in tears. It was a beautiful moment.

It depresses me that so many live in a perpetual state of persecution that even if someone is showing care and love in their OWN way, we find a clever way to perceive offense and victimhood and then violently lash out.

I got so caught up in walking on eggshells last year during the holidays that I said something stupid like “merry holidays” lol. I had been stuttering trying to find the right words. I was sooooooo careful to not set someone off. But now the 2018 me realizes all this crap is made up to divide us. I have been living in this world for 50 years and people have always felt nurtured by my “Merry Christmas” blessings and vice versa. The establishment makes up stuff all the time to get us in such a fuss with one another as a means of gaining more power over us.

The reality is that “Merry Christmas” does not mean you are trying to convert someone to Christianity. Christmas is a pagan holiday that in modern times it’s a time for children, family and presents and food. Sure, for the orthodox is is about celebrating the birth of Christ, but those are the few and far between in our current reality.

When I was living in Japan, I learned that Japanese tell each other Merry Christmas. Yes, they do say the English word for it and don’t get offended. The Japanese are secular. They don’t have all this petty division we get caught up in — in the West.

In modern times or at least over the last several decades, telling someone “Merry Christmas” means, again, they are wishing you well. It is NOT meant as an offense lol.

This year I kept it real. I say Merry Christmas to everyone to wish them well and at least where I live, people behave like adults about it and return the same sentiments.

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