Don’t Let The Thought Police Cramp Your Style ;)

It is now very trendy to tell people to resist thinking negative thoughts and to just block them out of our minds when they happen, but this is a form of anesthesia and you might notice that no matter how hard you resist these thoughts, they won’t go away until you learn WHY they are there and their origin which is probably from an unresolved wound that you might have repressed ages ago.

Thoughts are not random or here by accident. They don’t belong to anyone else but you. They are meaningful and healing if you allow them. The sooner you take full responsibility for them, the sooner they might be integrated. This might be Divinity gently encouraging you to heal your past. As the saying goes, what you resist, really does persist. You can shut your negative thoughts out for a while, but they will keep manifesting in different ways until you feel and heal.

These are golden opportunities to get to know yourself. Do you keep a journal? I highly recommend that you do. Write down those reoccurring thoughts in DETAIL. Dissect everything down to the bone. The more you face them, the LESS power they have over you.

I don’t have these problems with thoughts so many seem to have probably because I let my mind do what she wants.  It’s a party and everyone’s invited! Turn the music up! Say what you want! My problem is with negative images. Sometimes I get pissed off at some of the images that might pop up, but I know that I need to take the time to face them. I know it’s my past rearing its ugly head. I know they are flashBACKS. They are parts of me that need to be loved just as I’d love my own children. They are fragments that need my attention and are there to eventually be integrated.

Remember resistance is fighting, it’s a war. The frequency of resistance is LOW. And your body will match that same vibration and take a toll on your health and longevity.

Surrender is acceptance, love, and peace. The frequency of surrender is HIGH. And your body will match this vibration of Pro-Life. Healing. Purging.

So, dear friends, please do not allow religion, pop-spirituality and pop-culture tell you to lower your vibrations because that is exactly what we do when we resist and submit to the cult-ure. Trust me, I know resistance because I am in that frequency more than I’d like to admit. I see what it does to my psyche and my body. This is a prison and there might be some dishonest people out there who benefit off of us STAYING in that prison of FEAR and RESISTANCE.

This journey ain’t for sissies. ;)

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