Nobody Can Make You Feel Fear (or anything) | How to Not Be a Victim Anymore

I’m going to discuss the importance of self-responsibility  in the context of triggers such as  fear  and the kind of fear I am talking about isn’t to be confused with the fight, flight or freeze response.

There is a lot of malicious intentional fear mongering out there. And then there is a lot of truth out there as well. Fear mongering is based on falsehoods and Truth is based on liberating people. The truth challenges us, however, and sometimes we label that pain mistakenly as “fear mongering”.  This is because we live in an pain-avoidance society where we are compelled to reject the painful and only focus on the positive.

There is truth and then there is fear. Truth should not be confused with fear. The pain we feel when hearing a possible truth or a half truth is growing pains and if we allow our emotions and release them, at the end of it is your liberation, your wisdom, your strength, you courage, your maturity, your sovereignty and your compassion.

In the age of information, it is really difficult to discern truth from misguided opinions and from intentional malicious fear-mongering done by people who get their kicks from watching people suffer. I don’t have it all sorted out, myself. It’s not easy to make these differentiations.

But here’s the deal: NOBODY CAN MAKE YOU FEEL FEAR. Nobody can make anybody feel anything. Nobody can force you to do anything that’s not already part of your will. If you feel a feeling, it’s yours. It’s your stuff. You are probably feeling fear as whatever this event or person is that is being discussed — might be symbolic of a repressed trauma that might have traumatized you in your past. Anytime you feel fear or any kind of feeling, it is your body trying to heal. Pain means you are on a healing trajectory. It’s a call to pay attention. It’s a call to talk about it or whatever it takes to process it and finally release it.

I woke up under unusual circumstances. On May 1st of 2013, I saw a video posted on my friend’s timeline. I got post traumatic stress symptoms for quite some time after watching it. I had even wanted to end my life after months of private investigation. I won’t tell you why it traumatized me so much, but I only got so traumatized because of an unresolved wound in my past. So, I used this pain to start my healing journey.  One might have dismissed the content of that video as “fear mongering”. It’s almost a cliche that inquiry and critique of the world is “fear mongering”, but my life changed for the positive as I got so much healing done thanks to that video. I started my journey in October of 2013 and I am still on it today. If I had not seen that video, I would not be where I am today. (I had been a wreck before I saw that video) I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life. I no longer long for my past anymore because my present is so much better than any other time in my life. Nobody and nothing can ever hurt me now as much as I had been in my past. I don’t have many fears left. It is difficult to scare me anymore. I don’t let anything get to me anymore and if I DO, I do my best to own it and release it eventually.

A healed person does not feel fear or become traumatized by something that isn’t happening to them. Again, anytime we feel something negative, it’s a call to heal the past. The present only exists to give us another opportunity to heal our past wounds. Once you heal, you become so powerful that you won’t or cannot let anything get in your way of your natural state of peace. Nothing can interrupt your peace unless you let it and if you let it, it’s a call to heal the past. Get past your past and watch how strong you become. If the internet triggers you, then it’s a call to start your healing journey…..

This journey ain’t for sissies. ;)

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