Why Hardship is Sometimes Necessary

Tragedy, pain, loss, and hardship are unpleasant, but I think it’s necessary. I don’t want bad things to happen to me or others, but I appreciate the reason hardship exists. I think we need uncomfortable events to happen in the world so that we may learn who we are and also learn how to love each other again. We don’t grow when we get everything our way. We usually grow the best when we are challenged.

We foolishly think that the endtimes are coming and life is only becoming very bleak in recent times, but if we only knew our history? We’d know that tragedy, loss, oppression, deception, famine, poverty, war, natural disasters, tyrants, police states and suffering has been around almost forever. History doesn’t repeat itself because it’s out to get us, but rather to wake us up.

A financial collapse will help us realize what’s important: friendship and unconditional love. We will finally realize things aren’t as important as connection.

A war in our own front yards will help us realize what war means. Right now we don’t know what it means. You can’t learn what war means by reading a book, watching the news or seeing a movie. When people vote, no matter who they pick, they are choosing war-advocates. It’s not your fault. We have all done it. We need to experience war ourselves, first-hand in order to see for ourselves what war is really about. Is it really about stopping the bad guys? Who are the bad guys? Does war really keep us safe and secure? Who are the real victims of war? If war comes to OUR turf (wherever in the world you may be), those questions will eventually be answered. Nobody knows better than those who fight in the front lines and those who are victims of the fight. Both sides become enlightened eventually through one or repeated experiences of war over the span of lifetimes.

We need natural disasters to teach us humility by allowing us to both accept help from others gracefully and give help to others, again, realizing what is important: friendship and love. Natural disasters also teach us how to cooperate with one another as opposed to being in constant competition with one another as we are now. Through the tragedy of loss from natural disasters, we also might learn so much of what we had and what we need and who we are. We are always telling each other to be grateful, but gratefulness doesn’t happen unless we have experienced the pain of loss.

We need dictators and tyrants to help us all realize how important it is to question authority and eventually become our own authority. As independent as we think we might be, we are not if we are still dependent on others for the Truth. If we still depend on others for “the news” (mainstream or alternative) without sharp discernment, we are still stuck in the authority-worship trap. This is all at the expense of our own intuitive faculties. We already know everything and we all have natural bullshit detectors but we have lost them over time due to our conditioning, unresolved traumas and deference to consensus and authority. We have LEARNED to ignore our own inner wisdom. It can take living through a few authoritative governments to eventually cause painful disillusionment which ultimately wakes us up. We all may come to the conclusion that in the grand scheme of Life, hierarchical structures in society do not work and how they reinforce inequality and messiah complexes. Tyrants teach us that we don’t need tyrants. If we still love them, we haven’t experienced enough of them.

We need belief systems (religion) (rituals, superstitions, politics, scientism, dogma) to get us to realize that it is a form of control in that we become dependent on authority to tell us how to think, how to behave, and what to do rather than relying on ourselves. We were all born wild free spirits, but have become domesticated and despirited as a result of being followers instead of the leaders we inherently are.

We need the Thought Police to criminalize emotions, empathy, compassion, intellectuality, sentimentality, sensitivity, and spiritual depth to remind us who we really are. We are by nature loving compassionate people, but we have been programmed to stuff it all down…. so much so that we hate our own feelings and so we hate the emoting sensitive nature in others.

We need to witness public hangings and torture of both human and nonhuman animals to remind us of just how precious life is and how we all have value. Even if we think all life forms have value, it may only be on an intellectual level. We must embody this for it to be true. It is unfortunate we have to see horrid things at all, but it is how we learn who we really are at the soul level. It’s how our heart grows back.

We also need the pendulum to swing back and forth from one political extreme to another so that we might find balance.

Sometimes we need to live through famine, poverty, depression or have an emotional trauma-based illness so we can all learn how to open our hearts again. You cannot understand why some people don’t work unless you’ve been where they are. You cannot understand real poverty and homelessness without being where they were. You cannot understand what it must feel like to want to die everyday because you’re so depressed unless you have been through that yourself. You cannot understand invisible illnesses unless you have been there (look up “invisible illnesses). Basically, it is through lifetimes of real rough experiences that teach us how to become human. …which is why I think we’re all here: to have these human experiences.

A lot of stuff has happened and will probably continue to. It’s not personal. They are blessings in disguise. After rough times, humanity will finally progress and come out the other end more evolved, more heart-centered, more caring, more human, more cooperative, more gentle, more authentic, more unified, more realistic, more aware, more alive, more grounded, more independent , more self-referencing and more mature. As much as I don’t look forward to troubling times, another part of me looks forward to it. I have a lot to learn and I am trusting Life will not give me what I want, but what I NEED to grow up. You can trust too. It makes things a little bit easier when you know it’s not personal. :)

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