Why Might Emotions Be Taboo?

Someone online today had been wondering why emotions are so taboo in society and the following came to mind…

My husband often complains about how radio stations and the establishment, in general, marginalize and/or make the emotional variety of classical and operatic musical compositions close to inaccessible. There are so many other examples like this. On the whole, emotional depth and substance that provoke emotion are frowned upon. It’s an unwritten societal rule.

Feeling emotions is how we heal and when we heal, we get our personal power back. Conditioned fear (not to be confused with fight, freeze or flight) that comes from unhealed wounds of the past make people UNconsciously docile and controllable in the present. Nobody can, however, control or manipulate a healed person since the healed no longer live in fear, in fear of authority. They have found their authority within while the unhealed are more likely to seek and submit to authority outside themselves — even though they may not know they’re doing it. If there are any people who might want to control us, if we’re all healed, those people lose their power.

The above is why emotions and emotional work might be condemned. If you want to enslave others, you make sure you condition them against the cathartic release of pain and create a whole culture around it (media, education, pop-culture, Hollywood, TV, religion, politics) to ensure people who feel or people who create emotional artwork are ridiculed as social parias.

Solution? Heal yourself and take back your power to ensure you’re not doing anybody’s bidding, unwittingly.

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