We All Learn in Stages

We all learn in stages. We experience life in stages. There’s no other way. Nobody goes straight from kindergarten to getting a college degree. We have to experience all the stuff in between. Nobody goes from being a caveman to an enlightened master in a day. Nobody gets to skip a grade in the Game of Life. Evolvement is slow and gradual.

Do you ever scold a 5 year old for not being able to read and comprehend the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley? Of course we don’t because we can visually SEE the child is too young for complex work like that. However, as adults comparing ourselves to other adults, we judge others for not being where we are. We figure if we look alike, we should all be alike. I know. I get impatient so often. I cannot see logic through all my frustration. Like a preacher, I want everyone to convert to my religion. The truth is, even where I am now, I am still just a student of life. There are probably people looking down on me. There are people way much more evolved than I am. Even if we don’t see these other people who are more evolved, they do exist. We either see them and reject them as fools (since they aren’t in our frequency) or they don’t exist in our life. Once you see life through this lens, it’s humbling. If you see that you were once a “child of many ages” yourself, again, it’s humbling. Once we learn to love the older versions of ourselves, seeing others who used to be where we were might fuel empathy and understanding as opposed to violent condemnation, though, to get to this place might require lots of healing work.

You were not stupid yesterday. You were smart yesterday. You just didn’t have the tools and knowledge and the know-how you have today. Be kind to the younger versions of yourself. If you were meant to have been born an enlightened master, you would have been born an enlightened master.

Nobody is a zombie, a sheeple or stupid. We learn in stages. Nobody goes from kindergarten to getting a college degree in an instant. Depending on why we are here and how fast we learn, depends on how long we will be in each stage. And before you think the slow people are morons, I’d like to think those who take their time to learn really slowly and make the most mistakes are the ones who when they DO learn, they learn GOOD and WELL and it’s PERMANENT. They will probably make the best teachers because they took their time and probably have a deeper understanding and they will make better teachers as they will understand their students if they are just as slow or slower. Late bloomers just get it.

So long as you are still judging the younger versions of yourself for “being too stupid” or for doing things that are idiotic, you will judge those outside of you for being in grades lower than yours which is exactly like an adult yelling at a toddler for not being able to solve a calculus equation. How do you feel when you see an adult putting too much pressure on a child thereby overwhelming that child? We need to put ourselves in other’s shoes. It’s the beginning of empathy.

It doesn’t make logical sense to compare yourself to others. Just know if people are doing things that make them look like imbeciles, it’s only because that’s where they are and they are doing their best with what they have and so did you, at some point.

You cannot even teach someone to be where you are without them having certain experiences yet. Just like you can show a kid some calculus equations, but they really won’t get it until they learn easier math like algebra.

I am nowhere near the highest wisdom, but the highest place to be is Acceptance and Love. So, as you can see, we are all still students of Life. It’s humbling.

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