The Emotional Body is Just as Important to Heal

Just as we feel physical pain when healing from physical maladies, there is emotional pain if we want to heal emotionally.  Pain means you’re healing.

In the same way we must excrete physical toxins from the body when we’re healing physically, we must release emotional ones as well by giving full expression to our emotions in a safe place. To fully heal means to heal the physical and emotional body. Many of us stop short at the emotional healing because it’s too painful, the old memories are too traumatizing and we keep our wounds suppressed with positivist dogma, denial, and spiritual superstitions. We excrete parasites when we are healing the physical body. The biggest parasite in us, however, might be our personality(ego) and we might disidentify with that part of us (that is not us) when we heal the mindspiritbody. All told, though, the emotional and physical are One, so when you heal one, we are creating space to heal the other. I’m just saying the emotional part is the hardest and the one most avoided. But we can only avoid it for so long before we hit a wall and must face our demons….

This journey ain’t for sissies. ;)

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