The Authority Within Part III

I used to be a member of a diet cult back in 2014. Instead of listening to my own body, I allowed the elite members to dictate what I ate and drank and how I ate and drank. It wasn’t their fault; it’s a choice I had made. I made the active choice to blindly trust someone else with my body. As a result of my lack of discernment due to being so desperate to heal, I got sick and depleted. I obeyed the leaders and got sick. This experience reignited my binge-eating disorder. Three years later, I am still picking up the pieces of that old mess. All this has encouraged me to restart my journey to health.

I am grateful for this experience since as a result of my having given my power away to others who thought they knew more about my body than myself, I am wise and embody a healthy cynicism. I have been fooled so many times and disillusioned so often that I have learned to think for myself. This doesn’t mean I am mistake-proof; this means that I have found the only authority to be within myself and I have a lot more control over my life now than ever.

I try to help others from making the mistakes I did — though you do learn better when you make your own mistakes. But if I can encourage people to think for themselves and to listen to their own bodies, I will.

Every wise empowered person you meet has gone through similar experiences.

Fear brings people to their knees and makes them obedient, disempowered and docile. Empowerment, however, makes people stand up and question authority. The more experience you have playing the Game of Life, the wiser and more discriminating you will be.

Discernment and critical thinking are natural byproducts of having been too trusting one too many times.

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