How We Cannot Really Understand Others Until We Heal

We think we understand what people are saying and who they are, but in reality, we very rarely if ever do — especially if we are triggered. We are only seeing what we need to see in others to trigger growth. That said, until we fully heal, all we see outside of us whether they are events or people, are not representative of reality since we might often view it unwittingly through the lens of the unhealed past. If you truly are wanting to understand what another person is saying or how they really are, ask them first. You might be surprised at how off the mark you might be.

Heal the emotional and physical body by feeling feelings and then you might be amazed how what you thought you knew was so far from the truth — even if you think you are intuitive.

The present exists to give us another opportunity to heal. A lot is in the past (that we confuse with the present) and we have to go back there, at some point, if we ever want to start living in the present again. I know our culture says to stay in the present, but none of us are if we still have yet to heal our unresolved wounds.  We cannot fully be there and live  in the present unless we have dealt with and healed our past repressed traumas.


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