How Can I Win The Game of Life?

I don’t really stress as much as I used to because I now see life as a video game after so many years of feeling the victim. Not that I’m using this mindset as an escapist route, but rather I let myself experience life the way it is but knowing nothing is personal does take the edge off. My soul came here not to get everything my way or to be comfortable. My soul came here to be challenged through relationships with others, through unpleasant events, or through self-sabotage or that which doesn’t go the way I wanted it to. A lot of us learn best when we are uncomfortable.

We probably have all played video games before. You know how you can set the level of difficulty, right? The last game I played years ago had easy, medium, difficult, and super difficult or something like that. In The Game of Life, who wants to set it to easy once you get used to the game? Why would you only want to attract positive experiences when you know you can become better through difficult times? In The Game of Life, the more experience we have playing, the more we might be likely to up the level of difficulty. I think a lot of us would want to be challenged because when we accomplish something, it’s that much more rewarding.

Remember the game, Tomb Raiders? It is good to explain how life can work. Remember how Lara gets challenged and she has to respond to those challenges time and time again. Also she picks up keys through life and the more she experiences Life, the harder it gets to find keys. But as she finds each one, she discovers more. I feel the same. We don’t get manuals on how to do life. We don’t get manuals on how the body, mind or spirit works. How food, nutrition and emotions work. We have to figure it all out on our own through our own experiences and making profound mistakes (teachable moments!). And we might all come into each other’s lives to help one another find those keys to help us along the way, even in the most unexpected ways. We do it all on our own, but we are all here to nudge and inspire each other. Heartbreak and disappointment might be just as much a gift as love.

I think we do have control to make things easier in the Game during times of unbearable high stress. We act out, we use addictions, we blame, we drug ourselves with dogma, we get steeped in denial, and behave in weird ways to cope with either direct trauma or flashbacks from old trauma. When we are upset as adults, often they are merely flashbacks or repressed memories from the past that are surfacing so instead of seeing it as a past event, the mind will be confused into thinking the problem exists in the present. Of course it’s not, a lot of the time. But we can make our minds think anything since the illusion of the present is much easier to bare than its root in the past. This is how we anesthetize our souls since we cannot deal with the trauma all at once. But as our souls grow, we learn to face our past and eventually stop confusing the past with the present. Then, we don’t need to escape as much. This is why it’s so important to heal not just the physical body, but also the emotional one. We are all living in the past until we heal The Whole. This can take a long time all depending on how much work we’ve already completed.

I was asking my husband which level of difficulty he’d choose in THE GAME OF LIFE if he could and he said he’d choose the “easy” level and whose ego wouldn’t want that, right? I think if we are honest we would probably want things to be easier from the ego-side (inner parasites!) Our egos might want an easy ride. From the highest perspective of our souls, however, we choose whatever might facilitate growth and that means that our souls will more than likely choose a difficult path. This shows just how brave we all are, doesn’t it?

Our souls probably don’t see good events or bad events — no rights or wrongs — no positives, no negatives. All those divisive words are a human construct for our experience here, but they are, in the grand scheme of things, useless. Everything in the Universe, from the highest perspective, is neutral. Our wise old souls just see events and relationships that can be opportunities to grow. We are opportunists and very wise so if we see a situation that could be a catalyst to growth, we’ll probably jump on it. Who wouldn’t take the opportunity to learn something new about ourselves to foster even more growth? To others it looks like we’re “attracting negativity” but to the wise old soul? We are eager to learn and grow. The most tortured souls you see out there might be some of the most courageous. When you remember this, it is so much harder to judge people.

We attract into our lives not what we want, but rather what we NEED. This is really what is meant, I think, by the Law of Attraction. We aren’t masochists. If anything at all, our personalities are going out of their way to reduce and avoid pain. Our souls are of God and wiser than you can imagine and it’s our souls (not our egos) that call all the shots in manifesting challenges. We only judge other souls as that is how we cope with what we don’t understand. We tend to look down on people who attract negative situations, but in reality, we are really witnessing some badass brave people jumping on opportunities to grow more deeply.

This is the Game of Life. Maybe like Chess. Life makes a move. Now you make a move. We go back and forth in this game one move after another. Wrong move, OK fine… try again next time. Maybe we have to make the wrong moves over and over and over again before we make the right one that evolves and expands us. There are no wrong moves when you think of it that way. We are asking Life to challenge us so we can continue having more chances to choose better options. Either way, there is always something to learn.

I was thinking about this last night and spoke with my husband about this. This is a game my soul choose. My personality/ego might bitch, but knowing my soul chose this helps so much with my ability to accept and forgive — not prematurely or as a form of spiritual bypass, but it takes the edge off. I am here to feel victimized sometimes so that I CAN move through all this. It’s in the victim stage where we feel our feelings so we can accept and forgive. At the same time, I know it’s not personal. Does that make sense?

There are very inconvenient things happening in the world, but I try and remind myself that this is what I need. Nobody is doing anything TO me. Everything is happening FOR me. I asked for this. Everyone, no matter what they are doing, they are doing this all out of love. From the soul’s perspective, I think it’s all done out of love. Everyone is doing their jobs to help me grow as I am doing my job to help others grow. Sure the ego will think differently, will be suspicious, will be paranoid, will feel persecuted, will resist and protest and resist. That’s why we are here. To have these human emotions. But unless we feel them, we are stagnant and resisting and have to keep re-attracting the same experiences over and over again until we learn who we are and what the lesson is really about. I may bitch, but the soul says, give it to me. I need it. We are often in conflict with our souls, as you can see, but the more we experience Life and the more we heal, the more in alignment we become with our souls. The goal is to be on the same page.

I was thinking last night, there is nothing I’m experiencing that I didn’t choose. I choose a difficult level of difficulty in this game. And I did it for a reason. Very little of what I’m experiencing is an accident. And it’s my job to do what I need to do to grow from the challenges this game provides me. My strength is being tested. What am I going to do with these experiences? How can I use these experience to my own advantage? What is in this for me? How can I do better?

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