Are Cusps Real? The Difference between the Deep and the Shallow Ways of Studying Astrology

People often ask about cusps. And I have two words: degrees and decans. 

NASA/the establishment, as everyone should know, is against astrology calling it junk science. There is every reason to confuse, distract and use disinformation to keep this tool for self-growth from us. We are given a platform to study astrology superficially in terms of money, sex and romantic relationships as one would find in newspaper horoscopes and in books written by Sun-Sign astrologers. The field of astrology is ripe with superstitions, myths and disinformation that keep us from learning how to read a chart on a deep and thorough level.

There are people who might be sent to online communities to spread astrological myths to keep people ignorant and from the depths of astrology.

The best kept secrets are held by real astrologers who have been suppressed by NASA/the establishment. One of those secrets that aid in helping those who have a sincere interest in astrology are degrees and decans. For example, when I was born, the Sun was 6 degrees in Virgo. This means that there is a subtle but important energetic difference between one who was born into the 5th degree and the 7th degree. Every degree is going to render a different energetic frequency that makes us stand out from other degrees. There are three decans in each sign. Each of those hold a less subtle but equally noteworthy energetic frequency.

If you appreciate how energy works and have a sincere interest in astrology that goes beyond the shallow, I highly recommend you at least do some research on degrees and decans. If not that, learn about how energy works. Astrology is a measure of degrees and energetic movement and footprints.

Degrees and Decans are not the only underappreciated facets of astrology. Aspects, minor aspects (very few look at those), Asteroids, nodes and minor planets must also be studied so you can truly understand yourself and others.

Most astrologers learn astrology from establishment approved classes and books and as a result, I think, many of us are misguided.

So, what I am trying to say is to question everything you hear. If it sounds simple and shallow or if it is violently enforced or imposed, it might be a myth. As they say, “consider the source”. If you are truly wanting to learn how to read a chart the right way, you must dig deeper, read not just one book but several of them from different authors to get different perspectives, check websites, ask questions, question the answers (this is so important!), think for yourselves, and get A LOT of personal experience under your belt. What I have done is collect lots of charts to study. I have almost 100 charts that I read all the time. Whatever you learn MUST match your personal experience with reading REAL LIVE CHARTS from real people.

I will recommend my favorite book to you (attached at the bottom) that is probably the most important book to have in your collection. Once you deeply understand each sign, each house, and each planet, you might not need books or help anymore as you’ll be able to see an aspect and know right away what it means. Even the astrologers we respect and quote word for word, their interpretation is really only THEIR OPINION. And their opinion is shaped by their own experiences. Eventually, we will have OUR own intuitive perspectives when reading charts too. I say the word “perspective” because for example, there is no scientific instruments to measure natives with a natal mars square sun and how that might affect human behavior. The only way we can ever know is from reading hundreds upon hundreds of charts and finding a solid correlation or pattern. How do you think astrologers get the meat for their books?

Rulership book

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