How Can We Reunite With Common Sense?

What is common sense? Is there such a thing? Is it common?

We think one needs to have a degree to understand humans, for example. It doesn’t make sense, though. Nobody needs a degree to understand who they are and what makes them and others tick. We are living as humans; what’s there not to understand? This is what common sense is. We all have it. The answers are already there. We just have to WANT to know them. We just have to LISTEN. But how can we when we keep giving our power away to others? We might wait for others instead to tell us who we are, how we feel, how to feel, how to behave, how to think…. because they have a piece of paper we don’t. Who gets to decide what human nature is? Who gets to decide why people behave the way they do?
This is why common sense isn’t common… we keep looking to others for it. You won’t find it, though. Authority might not exist outside ourselves. You have to go within for that. The terms “psychobabble” and “armchair psychology” are frustrating  as they suggest that we have to be told by a higher authority what human nature is about. That other people’s experiences are more important than our own. It suggests we’re inept to figure it out for ourselves. It suggests we be dependent on others for truth. We all talk about independence relating to getting a job, making our own living without depending on other people’s money. That we should stand on our own two feet, right? But what about the independence of trusting ourselves, thinking for ourselves and finding the only real authority to be within?

“Yeah but we have to depend on external authority since they have a doctorate degree and have been studying psychology for years.”

Oh? So, how do the doctors learn?

From their professors.

And how do the professors learn?

From their textbooks?

And who writes the books?


And who teaches the doctors?

Their research and studies.

What fuels this research?

Personal experience.


We start with an experience we have and then see if others match ours. That is Psychology in a nutshell. I have been doing this on my own since I was a teenager. I have read many studies. They are helpful. But the most helpful of all has just been learning about myself and observing others and appreciating how complex we all are. Also noteworthy, not all research and studies are honest. Follow the money? Who’s funding it? For what purpose? Do we ever ask these questions? At least I know my own personal experiences won’t betray me or fool me. My personal experiences won’t have dirty funding behind it. It’s clean. It’s MY experience.

If we all were curious, we’d all come to similar conclusions as the research — in the case the research is honestly orchestrated. You don’t need validation from a university to do that. In fact, what IF, those WITHOUT credentials or authoritative validation knew the most? Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, and Aldous Huxley were some of those who instinctively understood humans; they were educated, but their wisdom about humans was learned outside the classroom.

This is the common sense I’m talking about.

People think you need a fancy piece of paper from a college to have a deep understanding of how our bodies work and what to eat. This is also bizarre. We were born understanding our body’s messages; we may not anymore because we have ignored our own truths deferring to someone who thought they knew more about our bodies than we did. Even if we weren’t hungry, we were forced to eat anyway. Or if we were hungry, we were forced to wait. Most of us weren’t even allowed to eat intuitively. Our parents put food on our plates and we had to eat whatever was there or else. Our bodies are not our own. This is just a tiny example of how from birth, we were taught to distrust our body’s own wisdom and defer to authority. …in spite of the fact that bioindividuality is real. Would you let me tell you what to eat right now? Then, why would you suggest I do that to my children?
I don’t need a degree to know when I am hungry. I don’t need a degree to know that if I do X I feel great and if I do Y, I feel like caca. I don’t need a degree to know which foods have been adulterated. I don’t need a degree to know that this food masks my physical problems and this food highlights them so I know my problems. This food helps me lose weight; this doesn’t.

We, again, have all the answers inside IF and only IF we listen blocking out all the external NOISE. We have spent a lifetime of others ruling our bodies and being conditioned to distrust ourselves. If you notice something nobody else sees, you’re a nutter. Remember how I used to distrust myself? If any of you have read my article on my health journey, you know I only got better once I began to embrace habits more aligned with nature. I left the allopathic medicine because they couldn’t help me.
We are so out of touch with ourselves and our bodies that now we NEED authority to tell us we are sick and what to do about it. We really do need help from others; we’re so lost now. If we can use external information only as a guide, eventually, we can get to a point where we no longer need to be so dependent on others for health advice.

Common sense is no longer common. Not sure if it was ever common. But I think the more we experience life in the physical, the more common it will be to trust our senses; the more painfully obvious the Truth will be. “Lose your mind and come to your senses” (Bandler and Grinder 1979).

To understand the difference between belief and knowledge (common sense), one must ask themselves if they are trusting other’s experiences or their own.

What we think common sense is —  is something that is different to everyone. For example, being into astrology defies common sense for most people. “Common sense” really means Universal Truth that is inside everyone, but we ignore that and have subjective feelings we call “common sense” commonly.

Truth be told: Some of us might not care so much about truth as we do about defending our prejudices and dogmas that we have all been conditioned to believe. It’s that very programming that keeps us FROM common sense or better yet, our inner wisdom that already knows everything. I think the first step to mental, spiritual and physical health is to reconnect to our bodies and start paying attention. It’s a free service. ;)

Here are some relevant Einstein quotes:

“Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.”

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”


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