Why the Term “Old Soul” Can Be Triggering

Do old souls even exist?

I always used to get triggered and defensive when people ever talked about being “old souls”. And then much later realized I was only getting triggered because I saw myself as being smaller than everyone else. If you or a part of you feels insignificant, you will always be triggered by greater-than/less-than nuances in life….even if it’s just your foggy lens perceiving things that way.

I think that what is meant by “old soul” could be based on how much we have learned about ourselves in this particular and temporary existence on this physical realm. I believe the journey to knowing yourself is a real thing and the proverbial “age” of our souls is based on how far you’ve come on your journey. Learning who we are, I think, means facing parts of ourselves that might be unpleasant to face since they bring up unwanted memories. This also means learning to love, accept and forgive every part of the self. And then it means integrating all these parts as one — in the same way we are learning to be one with each other in a human-physical way. I think our collective outer revolution is mirroring the inner individual one. Doing the “inner work” makes all this possible. It’s very painful, yet liberating and the most magical wonderful thing, ever.

We are all at varying degrees of consciousness and that should be OK. Just like humans are in different grades at school, so are we all spiritually. This doesn’t make anyone better than anyone else. Can you appreciate the difference? So often we confuse evolvement with being more important or having more value than another human. We are all at the same level of importance and greatness — just different degrees of consciousness. Once we begin to know and love ourselves, we shall find out that evolvement has nothing to do with being superior to another person or even superior to another species. Or even superior to our old selves! We are not all the same, but equal in significance and value. As to our magical magnificence, we are all the same. We all need the same things. We all want to be loved and to love as we were created by Love. That unites us all.

I am so sorry there are so many pretentious people out there that abuse words like “old soul”, “enlightenment”, or “being awake”. They have made a laughing stock out of the road to self-actualization. Some of the most sleeping people think they are old souls. I see this ALL THE TIME in spiritual communities. This is another apt example of how language is abused. When language is abused, valid meaningful experiences are discredited and denied.

Aren’t you more conscious now than you were a while back? That’s what others mean by evolving or growing up. I think we all can see we are growing in some ways, right? You are not the same person you were say 15 years ago, probably? You are not more important than earlier versions of yourself, however, probably more conscious than you used to be. So, why cannot someone else be more conscious than you or you be more conscious than another? Were you jealous of college students when you were in high school? You see what I mean? How we might view this is all contingent upon how we feel about ourselves and/or how much weight we give to semantics.

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