Are Cusps Real? The Difference between the Deep and the Shallow Ways of Studying Astrology

People often ask about cusps. And I have two words: degrees and decans.  NASA/the establishment, as everyone should know, is against astrology calling it junk science. There is every reason to confuse, distract and use disinformation to keep this tool for self-growth from us. We are given a platform to study astrology superficially in terms... Continue Reading →

How Can We Reunite With Common Sense?

What is common sense? Is there such a thing? Is it common? We think one needs to have a degree to understand humans, for example. It doesn't make sense, though. Nobody needs a degree to understand who they are and what makes them and others tick. We are living as humans; what's there not to... Continue Reading →


Why we argue with those we agree with: I have noticed for the longest time that human animals are hung up on words. We are, by design, telepathic but behaviorally conditioned to allow words to weigh us down and become an obstacle to mature meaningful communication. If we all forgot about language and just focused... Continue Reading →

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