Individuality vs Collectivism (culture)

Culture is just a set a rules each country's people are obliged to follow and the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. These arbitrary rules are not based on logic or reason, but rather seeks to squash the individual. There is no room for the individual in the hivemind. This is everywhere. Dare you... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Love Yourself Unless You Be Yourself

Did you know you can hide posts from select friends on FB? It's so funny. I instinctively know what each of my friends likes and doesn't likes. I can see right through people not because I'm smart, but because I don't the way it feels to be judged. I'm a born people-pleaser not because I... Continue Reading →

How We Can Be Grounded With Wings

Here I challenge pop-spirituality on what I think spiritual maturation might be about. I don't know the answers, but I do love to talk about my own thoughts and perceptions. I do not get my ideas from others. All my thoughts come from my experiences on my journey. One myth about what people might call... Continue Reading →

Do You Even Experience, Bro?

My answer to "Do you even science, bro?" I attempt, in this piece, to defend personal experience as the most important source for Truth. There is a current war out there between logical scientists and metaphysical enthusiasts. Both have been at odds since the beginning of recorded time. We are either at one extreme or... Continue Reading →

Could We All Be Bi(multi)polar?

In this piece, I explain why I think we might all be multipolar and suggest we entertain the idea that humans are much more complicated than we think. Do you sometimes judge others for being too this or too that often? If you find yourself doing this, all the more I'd love you to continue... Continue Reading →

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