Who’s that Judgey Man in the Window? Woof Woof

My opinion of what God might be….from a non-religious perspective….

God, according to most religions, is thought of as the ruler of the world very much like a man or a king on a throne who punishes us when we are bad and rewards us when we are good. He is always watching and judging from the sky. He creates rules and tells all the churches about them and often changes his mind. If you don’t like him or even believe he exists, he gets jealous. This is based largely on western religion. I am skeptical that there might be a controlling ruler or somebody out there who has more power than we do at the soul level. And even with eastern religions, we are taught to fear an non-secular arbiter called “The Universe”. I still don’t believe even the Universe judges or punishes anybody. I believe that the Universe and all Life is created from an energy that is Love (God), therefore all life is Love at its very foundation — not at the ego-level but at our very deep core. I also don’t believe in karma the way we have been conditioned to believe it is it in that we are punished for being bad and rewarded for being good. The Law of Attraction is real, however the way it is taught, like all religions, produce guilt, shame, and fear of punishment if we don’t “follow the rules”. All religions, pretty much, program us to believe that whether we believe in God or not, we will still be punished, judged and watched all the time. So, we have to stay on our toes and we better behave ….or else! This creates fear and we are easier to control when we live in fear that we might be punished for not doing things right. If you know that I can strike you down if you don’t do something my way and you believe it, now I can control you; you live in the palm of my hands. Is this how we were meant to live? Who gets to decide what is good and what is bad, anyway? How do we know for sure that God or “The Universe” made these laws? Are you sure they weren’t man-made by power-hungry people? How do we know which is God-made vs which is man-made when it comes to law and order?

I have my own ideas about what God might be. I don’t claim to have truth, but I do have my own truth. I think God is an energy as we are. It creates like we do (on the soul level). It is nature like we are. It’s equal in value to us as we are to it. It’s Love as we are (again, on the soul level). I believe Unconditional Love and God are one in the same. And this energy, both internal and external, is not separate from us.

The books say something entirely different about God even though we can’t even agree on who wrote the books. We have been told by church leaders and school teachers who wrote them, but I don’t trust that anyone really knows. We weren’t even there. How do we know they were translated correctly? How do we know they were translated honestly? I can’t believe something just because somebody else said so. In the court of law, that is considered “hearsay” and illegitimate as evidence to truth. Anybody can say anything. Does that mean it’s true? And who gets to decide who has the right credentials to disseminate truth? I need something to resonate with my inner knowing. And whatever is said must be matched with my own personal experience before I even consider it might be truth. Information is not automatic knowledge.

We are seduced by Authority outside ourselves and this might be an explanation as to why we believe in a scary, demanding, insecure God. This is part of human nature. Many of us like rulers, rules and laws because we loved our parent’s enforcement of them. That’s the environment we may have grown up in. We were raised to respect and blindly obey authority. And if someone else is thinking for us, we don’t have to think for ourselves. It’s makes life easier.

Another reason why we might believe in a judging punishing God could be because we have been conditioned to believe and need to know there is someone out there who exacts justice. We, in order to feel safe in the world, would love to know the bad guys are being taken care of. Since our parents may have not protected us when we were being harmed, we need somebody else who can fill that role so that we don’t have to face that nobody was there for us when we were too young to take care of ourselves. I can very much understand that need for justice and protection. This might be where the role of the man-made biblical God/Jesus comes from and why it’s so easy to sell this idea. But the question is… do we have such a figure who serves justice in the way we want it done? What constitutes punishment? Is it eternal punishment? Does it work? Does the soul get another chance at life? Is there any healing? Any forgiving? And how would we know? Because our church pastor said so? Or a little-buddha quote meme on Facebook said so?

I intuit that God, while being the source of all Life was never a ruler to begin with. WE made God a ruler — not It. WE gave our power away to It; not It. We made it a “him” and made this “him” a fearsome arbiter. WE made It into a tyrant who lives in the sky. What God is believed to be? We created that. And we bought it and we sold it. So, no wonder so many of us don’t want to believe in it anymore. Some of us find it disempowering to think we might be ruled by a master since that would make us slaves who are forced to bend to someone else’s will. Some of us, when we hear the word “God”, even though it has nothing to do with religion, might automatically associate it with religion, pain, suffering, violence, fear, rage, war and oppression. Not everyone, but some of us were abused with religion when we were little or have unconscious memories from past lives, so God, for some, might be associated with terror, bad memories and emotions. Even just hearing the word “G-d” would be enough to bring those painful memories to the surface, even if we don’t realize it. It’s a post traumatic stress response.

We have turned God into something that it might not be. As a result, Atheism and/or believing that “we are God” is mainstream now and justifiably so since the idea of an external God might equate to oppression and disempowerment for those who were traumatized by religion as children and feel powerless. Also while religion and God are two separate things, humanity has, through religion-abuse, managed to tie the two together, so when we hear the word G-d, once again, as a post traumatic stress response, we might become emotionally unstable.

Hello SCIENCE?!?!

“Do you even science?”

God cannot be proven using modern scientific and mathematical instruments. :::LOVE::: transcends language, left-brained science and analysis. Do we pick a flower into pieces and analyze each bit of it in some lab with fluorescent lighting wearing white coats to understand it better? Must we dissect a rabbit to see if he or she is worthy of our love? If we just allow and feel, only then can we Understand the Depth and Magnitude of anything. Academic discussions make sense in other arenas like medical physical science, but not when it comes to LOVE. Science cannot prove Love exists. The way I see It: There is an unconditional loving natural force out there that is both within and without and, for me, that is God. “King Lear asked Gloucester: ‘How do you see the world?’ And Gloucester, who is blind, answered: ‘I see it feelingly.’ I see it feelingly.” We don’t become more consciousness by thinking; we do by Feeling. If we all relied on our REAL eyes and our hearts and bodies, we might begin to see and experience what’s not “there”.

Have you ever met someone and right away you felt something was not right with them or something was very right and you clicked immediately? And you were right about it? Or you get a feeling to do something, but you went against that “inner knowing” and realized later you should have listened to that gut feeling? That’s our intuition. And science cannot prove that either. What about the moon and the planets, if you think they have any effect on human behavior? Science cannot prove that either. If you have ever experienced a spirit in your presence or have seen or felt or heard from a loved one after they passed? Science cannot prove that either.

How do you know that what you see is all there is?

I think that what matters most, in the grand scheme of Life, above all, are those things that science cannot prove. Science works meaningfully with the material world while Metaphysics works meaningfully with the immaterial. And both are of equal importance.

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