The Trap of Astrology

“I’m a Scorpio; that’s just what we do.”

To really appreciate astrology, I think it’s important to appreciate the difference between understanding behavior and excusing behavior. Often we say things like “I’m a private person because I’m a scorpio. That’s just a “scorpio thing.” While this trait can describe one who is  a scorpio or Pluto dominant, we must ask ourselves, moving beyond astrology, why we are like this if we want to evolve. Astrology cannot really answer that question. It only shows what IS. Astrology can only show us how we might react to adverse situations in life. When we are planning our lives pre-birth with our soul group (which is something I believe we do before we are born), I think we choose how we might respond to certain stimuli through our birth charts. We might choose our strengths or gifts to share with the world to lead others by example and we might also choose our challenges. We all have something to teach others and we all have something we need to learn. And we all learn to eventually master the challenges we came here for. There are numerous divine virtues we are here to cultivate and eventually express universally. We might choose to work on a couple or a few divine virtues at a time per each lifetime. Our astrological birth charts are what I believe to be part of our pre-birth planning charts that are often described in Robert Schwartz’ books.

If we are a private person, it might be the scorpio’s way of dealing with old wounds of the past. We have all experienced trauma and each astrological placement has their own way of surviving it. Many of us feel unconscious shame, but this is the way a scorpio person might handle it. We don’t want others to know us on a deep level because we are not yet comfortable with who we are and to keep from getting hurt again, we put up a wall. Isn’t a lot of our behavior driven by doing what we can to avoid getting hurt again? There are other signs who might deal with shame in a similar fashion, but generally speaking, all signs survive their lack of self-appreciation in unique ways.

Astrology shows us our shadow/unconscious side and what we need to work on. We become stagnant when we use astrology to excuse our behavior and remain the same. However, we begin to advance our souls when we use our placements to open our eyes and become conscious and compassionate as to why we behave how we behave so we can change. If we don’t know what is wrong, we cannot move forward. If we don’t know ourselves, we don’t know what to cherish and what to change. Astrology helps us learn what’s wrong. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all teach with our strengths and we all learn from our weaknesses which might be planned by us before we get here.

Astrological signs all have a higher and a lower expression. Our job is to grow enough to cultivate and express the highest vibration of each astrological placement instead of making excuses for our behavior using astrology.

We might be here to learn about ourselves and to shed those parts of self that don’t serve us. A sun conjunct Mercury placement might be here to learn to listen more and talk less. Some virgos might be here to learn unconditional love and acceptance. Some Moon Square Pluto people might be here to learn that it wasn’t their fault and come out the other side of shame and the fear of being seen. A libra might be here to learn to become more independent. A sun conjunct Jupiter placement might teach us the importance of balance and moderation. An Aquarius might be here to learn empathy.

We become who we are by learning who we are not. Duality exists on Earth because we can learn from The Law of Opposites. Without dark, there is no light. Without dependence, there is no sovereignty. Without wrong, there is no right. Without mistakes, there are no lessons. Without cruelty, there is no kindness. Without tension, there is no ease. Without loss, there is no gratefulness. Without sickness, there is no health. Without pain, there is no pleasure. Without indifference, there is no love. Without fear, there is no security. Without judgement, there is no acceptance. On the deepest levels, I believe they are all two sides of the same coin.

What better way to learn who we are by acknowledging who we are not. Astrology can help us with this if we use it with this in mind. The celestial bodies above us are here to help — not hurt.


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