What Might Cause PTSD and How to Move Past it

I am not a doctor and so cannot pretend that I understand your trauma, but I do understand my own and the following is based only on my experience and what I believe to make sense. Having said that, post-traumatic stress might not be so much caused by the event, but rather the suppression of emotions associated to that event. We are forced to suppress otherwise the child would probably die. We survive due to suppression, but it comes with a cost: a dulling of the spirit, a split from the self and a possible mental/physical manifestation (i.e. disease, ailments, depression, anxiety, addictions, obsessions…etc.) of suppressed emotion when we reach adulthood. The human animal is the only one that is conditioned to hold on to pain forever. This is why I did primal therapy back in the 90’s. Doctors, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists have been taught to ridicule it based on dangerous mock therapists and mock studies. However, it saved my life. It taught me how to LET GO after having been so numb and dead for so long. We make this so complicated but it’s really as simple as feeling feelings from present day life. Children show us adults what we have forgotten. They know the power of release and how it heals. For the adult, It is in the learning how to feel again that can be rough, though.

If you knew the old me, you wouldn’t believe it. But here I am now. Imperfect and have a long way to go, but compared to how I was living before? I am finally alive again and learning slowly but surely to love and trust again. I am stronger than ever and hope to help others weave themselves out of their own knots because I love people.

In the wild animal kingdom, as, you see in this video, animals will literally shake off their trauma and will be able to live as if it never actually happened.Again, we’re all equipped to deal with trauma, but not when we suppress the very tools we are given to heal from it.

Don’t let anyone tell you anything is “irreversible”. You can make anything happen if you have a will to it.

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