Can We Blindly Trust Psychics and Mediums? — A Warning and Some Advice

After several readings from several psychics over the last several months, I am happy to report that I have had transformative, helpful and meaningful experiences from very generous caring humans. However, I would like to say that I got the help I needed due to my ability to filter out information that does not resonate. I encourage anyone who listens to any kind of healer, guru or spiritual leader to listen wisely.

I have noticed how important it is to take any advice or information you hear with a grain of salt no matter who is talking to you. …even if it is a personal “download”. Whether the healer is giving intuitive advice, getting information from your Akashic Records or from guides, angels or loved ones in Spirit, while the information may be given to the medium accurately, the medium has to be objective and emotionally/egoically detached enough to interpret the information they are receiving from Spirit. And not too many are able to put their emotions and personal worldview aside for their clients. For example, a medium might receive information from Spirit that doesn’t resonate at the ego level. When this happens, the medium might reject, misinterpret or bypass the authentic information and replace it with information that fits where they are, energetically. More detail: Let’s say that a spirit guide gives advice to avoid alcohol at all costs when the medium thinks red wine is the way to spiritual maturity. The medium might reject that advice and rearrange it to fit into her spiritual philosophy. So, instead of giving information as it is exactly received, the medium may resort to adjusting it to fit their personal philosophy instead. The medium is subjectively interpreting the results they receive at the expense of helping the sitter (the client) even if their intention is to help. Another good example is if the sitter asks why they are behaving a certain way and a spirit guide sends information pointing to past sexual abuse, if the medium hasn’t dealt with their own sex abuse trauma themselves, they may skip right over the information or be so vague that the sitter will not get the answers they deserve. Finally, a deceased loved one might come through showing compassion and love for the sitter’s grief and the medium might misinterpret that as the loved one advising to move on. The medium might do this because it suits their personal philosophy that prematurely/artificially “moving on” is better than facing the grief and giving full expression to the attached emotions so the client can actually move on.

I see this happen with tarot card readers, hypnotists or anyone who’s working in the new age arena, in general. Unless they are humble and have a realistic grounded view of themselves, they can only help their clients as far as they have helped themselves. If they are empaths and picking up abuse from your past, they may become traumatized and therefore cannot help you. Sex abuse trauma is particularily difficult for healers if they are still unhealed themselves. Childhood molestation is THE most glossed-over, belittled, and frightening taboo topic that so many healers and even psychotherapists will go out of their way to avoid.

Unless your healer has healed enough of their own old wounds, their interpretation and their advice is going to be advice that only sounds reasonable for them — and not the client. It’s going to be subjective and filtered through the lens of  their own world view — not yours. Often, “white lies” and “white-washing” will mask the Truth of what you need to hear to expand and evolve on your own journey. The unhealed healer is fear-based on a level they are not conscious of.
When the healer lacks self-awareness or hasn’t looked at themselves/their shadow, they cannot see or understand those outside of them. It’s not because they are bad or don’t care; it’s human nature. The unhealed healer’s view of their clientele is often a reflection of themselves so, inadvertently, the communication might be self-centered. You may receive some objective life-altering truth, but mixed in, there might be intentional or unintentional dishonest communication. If you, the sitter/client are intuitive or are an advanced enough soul, you might pick up on the healer’s fear and lack of honesty.

Equally important, we, as clients, might deny information even if it is true too since we, like our healers, are also unhealed and also might hear information that makes us uncomfortable and naturally we might deny that and blame the medium for giving us incorrect information when it’s actually Correct. It is important that we don’t automatically deny or accept any information. It might be more beneficial to just sit with the information later and see what works and what doesn’t and be brutally honest about it.

How a healer interprets information from dreams (regarding you or the collective), from downloads, from Spirit might usually be based on where they are on their journeys and how programmed they are and also is based on how much true spiritual knowledge they have — not spiritual beliefs — but REAL spiritual knowledge. Healers, just like us, are unhealed and possibly still under mind control.

The best healers are humble, curious, inquisitive and will admit there is a lot they don’t know and they are still learning themselves. They won’t have religious attachment to beliefs or have any kind of inflated ego due to their position of being a healer. If someone is legitimate, there is no power differential. They will not see themselves as “above” you, but as your equal — a fellow human on the journey to self-discovery. Be sure your healer has a realistic and grounded view of the Universe, the world and themselves. It is so important. I see so many healers who are just parroting information and sharing it with others without actual personal experience of it or coming from a place of true intuition or claircognizance. A lot of them are just mindlessly repeating the current popular drumbeat from select “spiritual leaders” without questioning or discerning information themselves.

It’s healthy to question ourselves too. I have had spiritual experiences and spiritual downloads from Spirit in my past and I have reported those experiences to others, but at the same time, warned others that my interpretation may be off the mark to the actual information given. Just because I receive personal information from Spirit, does NOT automatically mean it is gospel. I might only see or hear what I need, not what may actually may be true or even true universally. So long as we are not fully healed, so long as we’re not completely disidentified with the ego/personality and so long as we are in our human vessel, even near death experiences may be misinterpreted quite subjectively. We need to share any information we remember or hear, responsibility.

My advice to those who go to either psychics or mediums or others in like fields, don’t ever use their authority to drop your God-given critical thinking skills. Stay on your toes. Discern. Discern. Discern. All healers are human just like YOU. Being a healer does not automatically mean spiritual advancement or “enlightenment”. For all we know, YOU might be more of an advanced soul than them. Question the healer or take in only what TRULY resonates with your soul. All told, they really are trying to help and most of them probably do really care and I am sure many of you will probably get the help you want, but at the same time, you need to be awake and not hang on to every word. Sit with the information and see if it makes intuitive sense to YOU regardless of whether you like or dislike what you hear. Ask questions. Get clarification. Bring your inner wisdom along for the ride. Be your OWN authority.

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