Are Planetary Retrogrades Just an Illusion?

The experts say that during retrogrades, the planets are not really moving backwards and that is just and illusion. However, if nothing is changing in the sky, then there is no retrograde and there is no animal (human or non) response. Mercury is still doing it’s thing just like any other day. If Mercury isn’t doing anything differently, then there shouldn’t even be any hype about it. Right? If nothing changes, we don’t change. Nothing to see here, move along, right?

Could we be influenced by a mere illusion? Impossible. We cannot see Mercury without a professional telescope to even entertain this illusion.

I don’t know if Mercury is going forward, is stationary or is moving backwards unless I can see it myself with my own two eyes with the proper equipment and the ability to recognize and isolate Mercury in the sky. This “Mercury going backwards is only an illusion” drumbeat is just repeated data like the old “telephone game”. We only think what we think we know because someone else said it and that someone else got it from someone else who got it from someone else who got it from someone else.
All this is going on without any personalized fact-checking. It’s regurgitated information and with blind faith we are turning science into a religion. We repeat it without truly understanding it or knowing for sure. “All the expert astrologers said so” is not proof. The only truth we can know is in our own personal experiences. And the truth is, depending on the retrograde season and the natal chart, some of us are affected by retrogrades in a variety of manners that are not consistent throughout each retrograde season. That’s the only information that is provable. Humans are, in fact, affected. Why? How? Humans are affected by Energy because everything is connected and everything is energy and everything affects everything be it positive, negative or in between. So in regards to celestial Life in the sky, if there are some people aware of any kind of shift or change, that DOES mean that SOMETHING is changing up above that wasn’t happening prior to the retrograde, in some fashion, for it to affect so many people in the same way that a full moon might affect life on the ground.

I don’t trust experts since according the “the experts”, we know Astrology is a myth and does not affect human behavior at all. “Experts” can say a lot of things. Again, it’s not proof of anything.

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.” ~Albert Einstein

Anyway, I think it’s time we start replacing the old paradigm of telephone games (blindly repeating what everyone else is blindly repeating) with critical thinking and questioning. Intelligent people do not repeat. Intelligent people question, wonder, experience and do not resort to automatically accepting or automatically denying anything.

Finally, just because a planet is in retrograde, does not mean the experience will be negative. I have had some notably positive and cleansing experiences with Mercury retrogrades. Some us of might be challenged. And hey, that’s a great thing. Some of us become emotional and have cathartic releases which is beneficial since we are letting go of toxic pain from old wounds. Everything is here to help us even if that means we are uncomfortable for a while.  And planetary retrogrades may be a part of that.

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