Who’s that Judgey Man in the Window? Woof Woof

My opinion of what God might be....from a non-religious perspective.... God, according to most religions, is thought of as the ruler of the world very much like a man or a king on a throne who punishes us when we are bad and rewards us when we are good. He is always watching and judging... Continue Reading →

Why The Worshipping of Hard Workers Might Be Dangerous

I've been talking with my friend  who is visiting from Japan. He told me that he works 6-7 days a week at his job. He gets vacation time and he goes either to Germany or the US. This time he's in the US. He told me that even though he has vacation time, he still... Continue Reading →


.....and how our culture might be inadvertently contributing to narcissism... In the old paradigm, we were taught that any form of self-flattery is egotistical. And when someone compliments us, we're to contradict their compliment with self-deprecating language. All this under the guise of "modesty". Anything to avoid appearing like we like ourselves. God Forbid! Acknowledging... Continue Reading →

The Trap of Astrology

"I'm a Scorpio; that's just what we do." To really appreciate astrology, I think it's important to appreciate the difference between understanding behavior and excusing behavior. Often we say things like "I'm a private person because I'm a scorpio. That's just a "scorpio thing." While this trait can describe one who is  a scorpio or... Continue Reading →

Could the Best Diet be Love?

​Many of you might know that when I was on a fruitarian diet that I had gone from being 222 pounds down to 90. I kept a lot of important things out of my diet (i.e. veggies, unrefined salt) at the time and following a fast, started binge-eating again after not binge-eating for decades. I... Continue Reading →


I was brought up to believe that the desire to want attention is to be kept suppressed. Our parents were raised to believe that if you say you love your child, give them attention when they are crying, hug and hold them, hear them, compliment them, that - that is spoiling the child. And we... Continue Reading →

The Comfort in Division

I am not a fan of nations, flags, borders and customs because it creates division. Some of us might find comfort in division and that might be because there is a base need to feel better than others or feel others are better than us. The peacelessness in separation, however, is part of our human... Continue Reading →

When Science Becomes Religion

The very nature of science is in questioning what we hear and honoring objective personal experience since information is not always knowledge. "Dissent is crucial for the advancement of science. Disagreement is at the heart of peer review and is important for uncovering unjustified assumptions, flawed methodologies, and problematic reasoning." -- I. de Melo-Martin and... Continue Reading →

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