Why We Might Complain

I love people who complain probably because I love the part of me that complains. It’s real. People who complain are real people.

Some don’t realize that you can still be grateful, fun and positive and still complain. Life isn’t easy and we all need each other since we are all a part of one another. Replacing judgment with curiosity to understand why people might complain and replacing judgment with love toward ourselves might make it easier to replace judgment with love and curiosity toward others. If complaining affects our energy, it may only be because we have an unloved inner complainer in the shadow part of ourselves. What we dislike in others is often a reflection of what we have suppressed in ourselves since we’re all connected.

Do we tell the ocean to stop roaring? Do we tell the night to stop being so dark? Do we tell thorns they don’t belong? Do we tell ferocious winds to calm down?

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” — Carl Jung


“If we are complainers, we have two glaring primary unmet needs. The first is for our pain to be seen, heard, felt and acknowledged. We feel alone with our pain. In fact, we feel incapable of moving forward until someone does. And the second unmet need is to feel good about ourselves. We need to feel as if nothing is wrong with us and is if we have worthy and have value.”

~Teal Swan

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