Can We Program the Cooties out of Our Water? Or our Minds? How Much Control Do We Have Over Our Lives?

This post is inspired by the work of Masaru Emoto and his water programming experiments and results.

What if our experience of the world might be contingent upon our beliefs? If we believe water can be damaged by energy, then it so shall be. If we believe tarot cards can be damaged by “the wrong energy” from a client’s hands, then so shall they be. If we believe that gemstones can be damaged by a stranger’s “icky” hands, then so shall they be. If we believe other’s energy can harm us and therefore we must shield ourselves, then so shall that be necessary. If we believe that things and souls can be damaged by energy at all, then so shall they be. If we believe we are in danger without a prayer, then we certainly might be.

Some aspects of life might be what we believe it to be and there, our experience in the world is shaped. In some circumstances like water, for example, might only have the energy and the power that WE give it. This belief might de-necessitate any need to bless, shield or protect anything.

Shielding is driven by unconscious and conscious fear. The need to shield is a state of resistance. Resistance is war. If any energy is negative, maybe that’s the very resistance we participate in?

A free person is above all the rules everyone makes up. There are Universal Laws and then there are man-made laws. Man-made laws only exists in the mind. We make up rules for others as we seek to resist our reality and control our external worlds. We’re always trying to control and resist what we don’t like. But true power comes when we realize the only control we have is over our own beliefs. We cannot be affected by negativity if we aren’t harboring it, ourselves.

If we can program water, we can program our own minds for a reality we don’t even ever  need to program. It’s all up to you. What is written in your script?

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