What Makes Us Advanced?

Interesting that how advanced a nation is considered is contingent on how much cool technology they have. I’d prefer to think advancement has more to do with whether or not we’re capable of unconditional love. I’d rather strive for that, anyway. Oh do I ever love my computer! You take it away, I will be lost. However, loving others and being loved and knowing I have someone to laugh and cry with is far more meaningful to me.

I applaud you if you can come up with a shiny neon flashy gadget that does real cool stuff and fits in my pocket, but can you love? How do you treat someone in pain? Do your words liberate or oppress? Can you accept views that are not your own? Can you accept people who live, eat, look and think radically different from yourself? How do you treat the vulnerable (i.e. animals, children, the elderly)? Can you let bygones be bygones and re-friend old enemies?

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