Conservative VS Progressive in Our Daily Lives

We have the words “progressive” and it’s opposite would be “conservative”. We usually use them referring to political rhetoric. However, outside politics they have somewhat of a different nuance.

I see conservatism as being conventional and honoring tradition and trying to keep what was in tact in spite of whether or not it is needed. Conservatism is a form of comfort for those who dislike change and is also a way we feel safe and secure in the world and with ourselves. For those who might feel powerless on an unconscious or conscious level, conservatism can make us feel we have control over our lives. When things don’t change, our lives can be more predictable. However, I see progressivism as appreciating convention, but wondering if that is all there is. Progressive people question authority, orthodoxy and conventional wisdom all the while keeping certain conventions in tact if deemed legitimately aligned with love, logic, and Universal Truth. Change is seen as an obligation if it can evolve the human race into a more heart-centered reality.

We can vote progressive and be a diehard conservative in our daily life and we can vote conservative and be a diehard progressive when it comes to our daily life.

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