On Using Diet to Heal Childhood Trauma

There is so much judgment and fear-mongering when it comes to diet.

Unresolved trauma is stored in the body and it’s no surprise our unfelt calcified emotions and undischarged freeze response manifests as somatic syndrome or physical illness.  If we are interested in healing from CPTSD, however, it might be important to go on a diet that allows the trauma we have been through to feel safe enough to let itself surface. We can choose a diet that numbs the physical/emotional symptoms of the trauma or one that facilitates awareness of it. The latter is important because when we are aware and when our repressed emotions and physical experience of the trauma surfaces, we can then release it and be free from it if we have the will and the perseverance. When our bodies feel safe, it creates an environment for free-flowing emotion and the completion of the fight or flight response (that we never had the chance to express when we were violently attacked). And it’s in the full somatic and emotional expression that might be our key to liberation.

For some, this means eating a lighter diet and for others this means eating a heavier diet. And it changes over time. We might be on a light diet to then need a heavier one at a later time and vice versa. If we are in tune with our bodies and are determined to be freed from our past wounds, we will honor the need for different dietary regimes at any given time. Listen to YOUR body.

There is really no absolute static formula. Healing requires going with the flow and honoring our inner guidance as to what do do next to heal. And it’s going to be different from everyone else’s modus operandi. When I am overwhelmed by too many difficult emotions surfacing (whether I am conscious of that or not), I might need  heavy foods while some will choose lighter foods when they are overwhelmed.

This is why diet wars don’t make sense. We each have a different path and it makes no sense to compare our path or our diets with another’s. No rights or wrongs here. Yes, lighter food diets  might be (heavy emphasis on “might”) healthier for the physical body if we’re only thinking about JUST the physical body. But the worst thing for our body is not so much an incorrect food item as much as our repressed emotional and somatic reactions to old trauma. If it means eating an incorrect food item to help release those emotions, then it might be that a heavier plate of food could be needed for a while. I don’t think we realize just how complex humans and life really are. Just to add a layer of complexity, some people might be here to experience disease and physical inconveniences for their own soul’s advancement. Please don’t look down on others for their dietary choices as you have no idea what might be behind them and you forget as clean as you think your diet is, you might be unhealthy in other ways. Also,  not everyone is here to heal either. Sometimes we need a certain diet to assure that our feelings stay repressed as we might be here for reasons others may not understand.

Either we’re trying to anesthetize with diet or heal with diet.

Don’t follow someone else’s path. Stay true to your own. The healthiest diet is the one that has you judge people the least. It’s not so much what you put into your mouth sometimes; it’s what comes out of it —–if you’re really concerned about health.

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