Are Our Addictions a Life Sentence?

We have been conditioned to believe that once we are addicted to something, we are addicted for life. But that is a learned belief. It comes from our culture’s idea that being sick is either genetic or due to being unlucky.

Our beliefs can create our reality. We are enslaved only if we believe in enslavement. I used to smoke around 3.5 packs a day. I quit smoking five years ago and now I am abhorred by the smell of smoke. I could never imagine returning to that life.

On the other hand, I still have an overeating addiction. I don’t believe I will always have an eating disorder, however. Instead of treating the symptoms or jumping from one fad diet to the next, if I go to the root or WHY I overeat and heal in ‘that place’, I WILL be free from this addiction. We live by the scripts we write ourselves and this is mine. I choose that my addictions are only temporary.

A lot of us are masking the symptoms and then living under illusory notions of helplessness. Nothing gets resolved that way. If we are interested in liberation, we must go to the roots and we must ask WHY we are addicted. WHY leads us down the dark rabbit hole into the roots and it’s scary down there…. a road less traveled, but that is where to get ACTUAL permanent results. It’s just that, who dares to go there? Who dares to question what we have been conditioned to believe about addictions? Not many. Which is why we don’t believe in a cure. Because we don’t believe in a reason.

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