The Myth of Negative Energy and the Boogieman that it is Not

Often we gemstone/crystal collectors feel the need to bless our stones and keep them away from negative energies or negative people. We smudge with smoke, anoint with oils and use all kinds of apparatus, chanting, prayer and affirmations to prevent or remedy attacks from what we call bad or dark energy.

Do we really need to do all this? The new age movement is plagued with superstitions. I have a different way of looking at stones. These stones or rocks or crystals have been around for billions of years if not more. They have experienced a lot of negativity be it negative people and negative experiences (i.e. wars, natural disasters) for billions of years. Then a family member who is in a bad mood someday goes into our sacred place where our stones are and now we have to bless or shield the rock? That rock has been through more than we can ever imagine and someone who is angry is not going to destroy that rock’s essence. As a matter of fact, just like with humans, it makes them better.

The rock you see in this picture, I have named it “Old Soul”. Human or crystal, an old soul has been through almost everything you can imagine. As a result of living through the best of the best, the worst of the worst and everything in between, we become more in tune with Source Energy as in more loving, more compassionate, more aware, more wise, more sovereign, and strong enough to handle anything. The more a stone has experienced out in nature, the better it will be in helping us on our own journeys (unless they have become so ill from man-made manipulation and industrial exploitation for profit). When you think of humans who you might reach out to for help during the rough times, do you look to younger, shallow, less experienced souls or stronger, wiser, more conscious old souls? Of course you want the wiser, stronger, conscious souls. Well, it works the same with our crystals. The wisdom and love from old gemstones are priceless.

Is superstition really necessary? Our own beliefs create our reality. If we believe that we have something that needs protection and armor, then we are training our subconscious minds to believe that what we already have is inadequate. With that mentality, as the Law of Attraction works, our soul might keep attracting more experiences that we feel we need protection from.

We often speak of the importance of gratefulness and appreciation for what we already have. When we are trying to fix something that isn’t broken, we are expecting something else and therefore ungrateful. Same with humans. Aren’t we always trying to fix everyone? Is anyone ever good enough for us? Are we even good enough for ourselves? If we don’t think we are enough, we will want to change everything outside of us. Once we see who we really are and love ourselves for the good, the bad and the ugly and fully accept our own flaws and limitations, only then can we appreciate “imperfection” outside of us. We are all into positive thinking and THIS is positive. This is what real positive thinking looks like: acceptance.

Our rocks can probably handle a lot more than we can. When I choose rocks, I go for the older souls or those rocks that appear to have gone through hell and back because so have I and who’d better understand me than another old soul? I connect with those “ugly” rocks much better than those rocks  without fractures, vugs, blemishes. The picture I uploaded for this post is a perfect example. I found this precious being (yes, rocks are conscious and alive!) outside my apartment and we have connected. I only gave this soul a little bath, but why would I want to change it other than remove some dirt off it?

Our reality is based on our beliefs (fears). If we change our beliefs (man-made fears and social conditioning), we change our reality and the journey becomes easier and much more enjoyable.

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