Sometimes It’s Not About You

It’s OK to take things personally sometimes to bring up those buried emotions from unhealed wounds of the past to the surface. We need to take things personally for our healing journey if you consider that. If someone has made you upset, it is not a weakness; it is a call to give full expression to our emotions since all that we feel is rooted in the past, so when we honor and our present with our feelings, we get much closer to moving through past traumas. So taking other people’s annoying behaviors and value judgments personally is actually a blessing in this context. Healing the past causes self-love and once we love ourselves, nobody can ever hurt us again.

Outside of healing, however, know in the back of your mind that if someone lashes out at you over your appearance, your choices or your lifestyle, they are unhappy people. Misery loves company. For some of us, when we are not satisfied with our own lives, when we don’t like ourselves, when we feel powerless, and when we feel insecure, we sometimes seek to take down those people who have found their freedom and individuality. Jealousy is often at the heart of it.

Sometimes caterpillars resent those who have wings…

Just know these judgmental people are hurting and instead of them using the high road and taking responsibility for their own feelings and unhappiness, they try and wreck the lives of others. Does this sound familiar to you? We’ve all been there, right? Maybe even on both ends, yes?

If you are a victim of harassment, unless you have intentionally hurt someone, take relief in knowing it’s not about you. It’s not your fault. Our only job is to use our triggers as a catalyst to our growth. What if our souls attract experiences we need so that we may expand and learn who we really are? Honor and use these experiences. While they may feel like a curse at first, what if they are blessings that we might appreciate later?


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