How the Lack of Perfection Might be What Makes the World So Perfect

If we learn only the light about our own country, we are ignorant.
If we learn only about the darkness of our own country, we are ignorant.

If we learn only about the light in other countries, we are ignorant.
If we learn only of the darkness in other countries, we are, again, ignorant.

If we only look at the light within other people, we are ignorant.
If we only look at the darkness in others, we are, again, ignorant.

If we only look at the light within ourselves, we are ignorant.
If we only look at the darkness in ourselves, we are once again, ignorant.

To become learned and have a balanced view of the world, each other and ourselves, one must resist the temptation to only look at what is comfortable.

Every single person and nation has duality. There is no utopian region in the world. There is no perfect person. Everything and everyone have both the light and the dark within. And that’s by design. We don’t mature getting everything we want. If we understand why we are even here in this dimension, we might know duality exists to help us learn who we really are.

So long as we think there are some people who are better than others, some groups of people are better than others or that some regions of the world are better than others, we might be sabotaging our chances to see each other as our equals. If we are truly about equality, we will celebrate even the darkness in other countries as through the darkness we unite as One. Through pain and suffering, we may realize that afterall, we are NOT alone. We all want to be free of pain. We all want to be loved. This unites us perfectly.

We all come here with the purpose to be Human and have experiences that are exclusively Human. So, why knock the darkness? Why do we associate the darkness in life with “negativity”? We all choose our own experiences and the sooner we acknowledge this, the sooner we may heal and become liberated and most importantly begin to learn who we really are at the soul level.

Duality exists on Earth because we can learn from The Law of Opposites. Without dark, there is no light. Without dependence, there is no sovereignty. Without wrong, there is no right. Without mistakes, there are no lessons. Without cruelty, there is no kindness. Without tension, there is no ease. Without loss, there is no gratefulness. Without sickness, there is no health. Without pain, there is no pleasure. Without failure, there is no success. Without indifference, there is no love. Without fear, there is no security. Without judgement, there is no acceptance. On the deepest levels, I believe they are all two sides of the same coin.

What better way to learn who we are by acknowledging who we are not.

Darkness may appear to be “negative”, but if you look at darkness as a loving catalyst to our own expansion, the Dark is Positive and the sooner we embrace the dark and realize it’s not the bad guy we thought it was, the less we might suffer.

Having said that, I highly recommend this book. It is one of the best non-fiction books I have ever read. If we care about why we are here, why there is so much darkness in this physical realm of existence and for those who are sincerely interested in waking up and liberating themselves outside the cultural dogma we grew into, this book is for you.

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