Why Tradition and I Aren’t the Best of Friends

I admit holidays, birthdays, weddings, and tradition can be a lot of fun. I really do understand the excitement and the fun involved in spending time with loved ones a few times a year. Good food, good conversation, seeing those you haven’t seen in ages, playing games and just good old fun. I am really not a scrooge. I love the holidays for this reason. My favorite is Christmas.

My problem is with obligation and the peer-pressure that might be involved (depending on the friends or family). Whatever the holiday or the occasion, it doesn’t matter.. you should never feel obligated to spend money on someone to prove your love. Love does not work that way. Love is not something to be bought. If people expect your money, then it’s not love; it’s Business. We don’t do business with people we love. Give money and buy presents if you want to. Make an afghan that might take you several months to put together, even. But you should NEVER be obligated to.

This is one of the many reasons I avoid tradition on occasion… I have to prove to someone that I love them with my money or even my time. Even if it were just my time, I shouldn’t have to prove anyone anything. If I like you, I like you and you will know it. And you will know it every single day of the year; I’m a good friend — not just once a year.

Love isn’t about obligations and proving your love. If you have to prove you love to someone, then they are not your real friends.


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